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In Gilroy again we are we are people who were at the garlic festival on Sunday night are still trying to grasp what took place I am grateful to be alive could have been us were that close Steve Futterman CBS news Gilroy California president trump's feud escalated yesterday with congressman and chairman of the house oversight committee Elijah Cummings here is Nancy Courtice on the latest developments caught in another controversy over race the White House released photos of the president meeting with inner city pastors Alvida king is doctor Martin Luther king junior's niece and describes herself as a creative evangelist the president is concerned about the whole nation about everybody in the nation but forty miles away in Baltimore he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color the Reverend al Sharpton slammed to the president on behalf of an outrage as city as Mr trump called Sharpton a con man who hates whites and cops if you really thought I was a con man he'd be nominating me boys cat Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings stayed silent as the president attacked him for a third straight day calling him king Alisa ruler of a dangerous and filthy Baltimore district a quote disgusting rat and rodent infested mess US we'll have our children in that position the tweets came after becoming secretive sized conditions at border detention facilities and a small steps up investigations of the president as chairman of the house oversight committee this is our watch enough is enough on talk radio Maryland's Republican governor Larry Hogan urged the president to help Baltimore instead of insulting it people are just completely fed up with this kind of nonsense Republicans on Capitol Hill trying to avoid the issue.

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