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The targeted callers. A hand off the JJ Taylor stretch prayer to the far side turns the quarter often hold the edge and a tackle by. But he picked up almost twelve yards with the Taibbi bounce black on Taylor. Just got. Too far up the field got swallowed up by the guard. Pulling. Tenure pick up on what should have been a loss. Second make a first-hand television departments get great speed from the twenty seven yard line backs. The pistol formation with one shift to the left hand off the JJ Taylor. All he blows across the forty five and playing deep safety that time was ranked straw, even got back to MacDill lots of gate of nineteen yards. I by shea Jay Taylor. Gamboa's his blew out knees. Ankles hips, left smoking garments behind in their first attempt for the forty six. Kayla Taylor, and he and Nate lamb and literally would forehead to forehead right there. That's a gain of two yards first down second tablet. He's a little guy. Not a whole lot to. Five foot six one hundred eighty four pounds. He's a redshirt sophomore on a corona California shifted players and Kerala grief. Second down eight for the forty eight yard line again out of the pistol formation tied into the left slot left bowl between the hash marks. Take the snap. Turns left hands out. The Jay Taylor makes jump cut gets around Taylor. And he's probably tripping out of bounds at time by trae utopia all the far side, but not before he picks up a first tally spot about at the forty four yard line. That's a gain of about seven yards on that play. Not give them the first firsthand debut on Taylor. Just can't get off a block right now. They're just eaten up out side linebackers. We're just can't get off that block. But it did give them a good spot. He was short by about a foot for the first outside with third. The very short one Anthony merit scholars out there at one of the running back position. Take is how the shotgun now. Takes a snap. He had the direct mayor skill hands off the bears. Go up inside the rake straw. Eventually makes a tackle between the hash. But not before a to eight yards right up the middle. Take a down at the thirty six yard line. Not getting off blocks right now. Arizona's blocking they're taking over the slick. They've done all year in the third and fourth quarters. Gary. What were you talking about staying with the Ronnie continue famine famine famine fees hundred twenty six yards rushing? I out of Tampa pistol four should play action. Air. There's one out Poindexter Amstel double coverage incomplete knocked away. But a flag over the top came Nick Fisher working in tandem with trae you. It's defensive pass interference battling against the buffalo. Edo few just grabbed him. Didn't turn back just grabbed him. Pass interference defense. TR penalty automatic scout. Picked it up. My kingdom is intact, by the way. Oh, you're worried about user taking three fifty six point of third Buffalo's trailing thirty to thirty one. First-hand at ten after the penalty. JJ Taylor back out there. Running back from the buffs. Twenty one yard line. Arizona moving left to right Khalil Tate. Shotgun to it's right by JJ Taylor. Pass option a thrill now, he's slept turns a quarter tries to delve across the twenty yard line. Just outside the numbers of the far side and gains four yards before he's probably brought down. He is so nervous with him. He turned lost his footing. You dope. So what was really a tackle Boers as much as it was a slip. Second down and seven eighteen one of the buffs lead to hold this to a field goal right now. They've got a hold this next to downs tape. The stamp. There's your hand at the Taylor gives ground in a nice job that time debut on Taylor as he swung to the right Taylor. Chased him back the loss of five yards. Nice tackle by the linebacker for the buffalo avian came off of the block by the receiver bodies or get off the blocks rather receiver than is off those tackles guards. And that's what happened. He was wide enough that time we could come out and make the play three minutes to play in the third Buffalo's trailing thirty to thirty one and the cats looking at a third at twelve for the twenty four yard lactates out of the shotgun. By Taylor dropping the straight of setup with Russia's face flips it over the metal on a crossing pattern incomplete. Senator D'amoto Cooper shut behind by trae utopia. Incomplete that'll take a fourth out at twelve. Was thought that was player hit by don't with very close. Good job that time big play by Davy on Taylor that time in the in the rush at bowl was throwing on the back side. Cooper. Josh Pollock is up for the field goal. The whole by gladdy. How the near hash kicking left to right at the thirty one your body forty one yard attempt to extend the lead zone. Whitehead extended stackable put-down swing of the right leg kick is up on its way. And it is. Thirty nine to play in the third. It goes through thirty to thirty one to thirty five thirty one field goal. Forty one yards by Josh Pollock. Well, important stop that time puts his game still within reach for buffs. They've just I don't know if anybody's gonna play defense looks like Arizona played a little bit last time. But he's got gotta take advantage of that. They've got to get the ball. Gotta get a run game going, and they gotta keep throwing the ball vertically. Get to your tribe information on that. For the Arizona. Wildcats dine planes sixty two yards but time of possession three thirty four to forty nine third. The time of the score for the cats. Forty yard field goal, what comic exit thirty five thirty one favor of Arizona. Cancel kickoff from left to right. Back to return the sick. Ronnie Black Kyle. High in the air end of Iran of the back of the end. So. Touchback? The buffaloes will have a firsthand ten for the twenty-five. Radio. Forget the college basketball teams in action tomorrow. Exhibition game. Against the school of mines. They'll tip it off at four o'clock..

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