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It out of the rafters baby out of the rafters. He also has my five month old son dressed in Notre Dame gear from head to toe since, like The moment he woke up. It's called dressing like a champion. The play like a champion sign that we had to hang last year before the college football playoff has not been busted out yet, But something tells me that it will be before dinner time. I just needed to set the scene for you people. What is going on in our household? Right now? This is Game day on ESPN Radio ESPN APP series except Channel 80 were presented by progressive insurance. Guests join us on the Goodyear hotline. It's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk Wireless. I'm going to kind of lay out here and let my husband go because this is what he does. Florida State and Notre Dame are going at it tonight. Irish are favored by seven. Let's just call this what it is Florida State with two and six last season, Okay? Two and six. The last time we saw Andy was in the college football playoff yet Still, this feels kind of like a quote unquote marquee matchup, especially since the did not have a good showing over the weekend. So who's going to save face? Is it gonna be floated state or is it going to be Notre Dame who's like one toe is in the A. C C. Alright, let's lay this whole thing now, Okay, Irish or seven point favorites, which makes the Florida State Seminoles home dogs. Let's start with concerns for the Irish and this one. The Irish returned 55% of its production from a year ago. That is good for fifth worst returning production in all of the F B s. That's a concern another concern for the Irish five offensive lineman being replaced for that team. Big concern there. Also the first time the Irish are playing under center with a guy not named Ian Book in Jack Cone from Wisconsin who doesn't scream superstar to me. Another concern for the Irish the guy You never want to fight in the bar, the one with nothing to lose. That is Florida State. They're expected to lose this game. Another massive concern. It's on the road and oh, by the way, the legendary Bobby Bowden will be honored as he passed away within these last couple months, so emotions will be running high there in Tallahassee. Another massive concern here. So now that I've laid those out, let's talk about why we should like the Irish here and we start defensively. The Irish have been elite on the defensive side of things. Clark Lee has moved on to Vanderbilt insert Marcus Freeman, the best offensive coordinator in all of college football season ago who was running that defensive scheme is the coordinator defensively. For the bear Cats a year ago. He likes to run that 335 scheme. It's heavy on the blitz, getting away from what the Irish did in that 4 to 5 package a year ago, which means he's going to bring the heat early. And often pressure we've seen in the first weekend of college football has one you get to the quarterback, you'll have success Florida State's offensive line. Poorest Florida state is not acknowledge who their starting quarterback is going to be. This season is a Jordan Travis is that Mackenzie Milne? Either way they're going to be frenzied all game long, the most talented two players on the field in this game the running back for Notre Dame Kyron Williams, that offensive line. If it shows up, he can break a few big ones. They might only need two scores to win a game like this. Kyle Hamilton is the second most talented player. He, too, is in a Notre Dame uniform in that secondary. You win the turnover battle. You've got another great shot. Ultimately, it's Notre Dame. They've been established. They have pieces who would play in those big games? Florida state's heavy on transfers. It's a rebuild from Mike Norville. I expect chaos for that team. When it gets loud. I don't care if Notre Dame's a road team They played in these big games together, and they should go out there and be able to make things happen. Also for Jack Cone. If you get in those spots where it's turbulent, you don't have a lot of playmakers on the outside who are established, but you have one of the best tight into the country that people don't seem to know about yet. And Michel mayor. He should be that release valve to alleviate some of that pressure. If Notre Dame makes some of those big time plays with that backfield, that tight end and that defense carries its weight is they're expected to Notre Dame should not only when. Most importantly, the cornet household, Notre Dame should cover those seven points. That's what I was gonna ask you. Okay? I want to stay on something with Florida State here that you mentioned, but I feel like we should talk a little more about Florida State quarterback Mackenzie Milton could be making his return to the field tonight following an absolutely gruesome injury that he had in 2018 to his leg when he played at UCF. Before that injury Milton through for 8683 yards, he had 72 touchdowns and 22 interceptions from 2016 to 2018 with the nights he is listed as a co starter. As Jay said, We don't know who's starting at for Florida State on the depth chart along with Jordan, Travis, We don't know what Mackenzie Milton could be. Should he start right tonight for spent three years it's been a long time. I mean, People come and go through college and the amount of time that he has spent at these two schools. And so that surprise factor of whom Mackenzie Mountain could be. I laid out the numbers here. He was a very good quarterback when he was healthy. He's one of the best in the country. What does that mean for Notre Dame, though in their defense like you better be on your toes? You don't know who's going to start Nick McKenzie millions in there. You really don't know what's making your looking at tape from three years ago, but ultimately early on in the college football season to all my people who enjoy the game of chance out there. You always want to look up front in the trenches. Who can win in the trenches. Well, Notre Dame is offensive line you whether it's their retooling an entire offense line. That's fine. Florida State's offensive line has been horrible the last few seasons, and there's no reason to be certain that it should take a turn in this one so of Notre Dame with their defensive coordinator, Marcus Freeman, applies that pressure. McKenzie Milton, a guy who hasn't played in three years. It's not nearly as mobile as he used to be, could have issue Then you look at Jordan Travis, who is the more mobile of the two Florida state quarterback. He may be able to evade some of that pressure, step up, make plays with his feet or find an open target if I'm Florida State, knowing what those two quarterbacks present I'm Mike. Normal. I'm using a healthy dose of both to try and disrupt with Marcus Freeman's defense because he's going to try to do for the Irish. Okay, So let's look at this from a bigger perspective, because we've talked a lot about the A. C. C and their struggles and opening weekend. The only 11 W we have is from Virginia Tech who beat North Carolina, which was an A C C, T. And so again, we know what Notre Dame is..

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