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I mean, having a podcast days. I, you know, seeing of hair on your head like it's doesn't mean what it used to. But it is a great way to build up a fan base. And. Plug whatever you got the pipeline or your friends. You know, I mean, I love doing it. I don't make any money doing this bug ass. Sure. But you don't advertise Wasim problems on apple podcast, someone reported me for music violation. So they took me off the charts. I see and then they're not very helpful in terms of. I have I only use one song on this podcast and our mission. And you do have permission. Yeah. It's my friend's band from the eighties. You know, and. They're not very. Helpful. They're not responding. Well, they said they didn't investigation, you know, because there's all these. You know, I think about four or five months ago there was he's all of a sudden out of the blue on the top twenty on itunes overall and that just comedy. But there was all these real estate podcasts that came out of nowhere in the top twenty. Okay. They were getting Rogin like numbers. It was like, well they have five subscribers. How is this? What's going on here? So I guess there's ways you can pay for a very small amount people in Bangladesh, essentially hack, indictments and just put your podcast up there. So. You know, it's but in my case they said we didn't investigation..

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