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This week on social media they had I was on this gram or Twitter. It had when the light you scored overtime goal. And then Michigan When I watched that I don't know how many times I showed everybody in my house, I was like you gotta watch this. Just look at the passion in this guys. That was a good Michigan, right? Oh, yeah, that was a good mother. We will go like you know, we're actually as a radio station not allowed to play his voice because you know someone else has to play by play right? So we've got a cease and desist before on it halfway, But we're the ones that bring in readings. We're also the ones probably talk more about the lightning than any other well, and it's also it was. It truly was a viral video. And if we wanted to play that, like Technically, we wouldn't even be able to. I just go ahead and play Wolf played find it. And then we'll go around and say, I want you and then you take the blame. Think the boys are like that. He just played the audio mic Oliver right ways. Welcome to the micro Radio Show one or 2.5 the bones a Saturday Labor Day weekend. Every lovely host Mike Olivera. You can find me on Twitter, Mike Olivero and on Instagram at the mic Olivero two eyes around that V Bay, which this week as I moved into my new residents, I had to spell my name. For someone who I think it was a Tico, as she says. How do you spell all of Erica? I mean, I go twice around the Via, She giggled. I was like You're going to get a seat. Did you say baby? Afterwards? She sounded like a baby. But still courting Cardinal. Where do we find you on the socials at at the Cory Cardinal Everywhere? Yeah. Twitter and instagram and everywhere, So I keep it the same. So, Snapchat night. I barely use now that yet no chat. That's not Oh, my God. I get on. It's a look at what everybody else does. But I might put out one photo a month every other month. Maybe, but I have not been on the Snapchat in like a while. And I sent you won like, seven weeks ago. And you didn't even open it if nobody at all the ones and that's where most of the good Dems come from our stock. Not not that I want to diem from you. But Most of the great Diem's I've gotten, although instead people are nice on Snapchat. That's only please organize more sleazy on Snapchat well towards me, people like Keep up the good work or happy birthday. Not saying like that. I saw speaking off Happy. Belated birthday there. Thank you. Welcome to the 27 Club. Yeah, Like a lot of people in 27 club. Don't join the 20. That would make me a legend. Then I'd begin more than $70. I don't think that would be alleged. That would be like a look at all the potential he missed out on You're right. I'm not gonna die on me. I mean, you're not up. There were curtains. Janice and I could be watching me. I give my big show. Get my big And die. The next day I die on their what? Well, this is happy hour and I just die right there. So do you want to tell where people don't follow you on the social care this week trip Hop your radio on Spotify and Odin east unease where two people stalk you. And that's where you find me. It's oh, Denise Denise on Twitter and Denise Denise does on the Gram. Yes, She does so very excited that the Lightning are on their way to the Eastern Conference finals befuddles me why they had to go all the way to Edmonton for it after him in the Toronto bubble Royal when everyone's go to Edmonton. I don't know. Much good. That happens. Admit had never been there. Never had a desire to go there. If I was going to go, there would have been when Gretzky was play with the Oilers to see a home game. Yeah, but that was like 30 years ago. Yeah, I was in L. A for his second home game for the Kings. That was kind of fun. Add Metin. I can't see much going on up there. It just makes me think. No. Nothing snow during time of year. Probably factories, Probably oil. It's Canada. Isn't there snow all the time? No. Hey someplace if Europe in the the upper area I used to think my wife is she's from Canada, and I used it. I would literally thought that that once you hit the Canadian border, it was little snow all year round Leg Alaska, part of Canada. Manitoba. Really? Yeah. When it picks up there from there, and then she moved around a couple of places. Elgon was one of the town. She lived in Canada. Yeah, Couple different areas. Very nice. And she came here to the states and found you. Yeah, I'd been up there with her. No, no, no, She hasn't even been back since he left. She doesn't want to go back. Know she does. She was she was brought here on Odd circumstances. I guess it was. Basically we're packing up and we're going. She didn't realize she was like, actually moving moving on. And it was. Hey, we're not going back. Okay, So, Yeah. Alright story for another day, probably probably lighthearted show today. Denise and I were convincing before the show we were talking about. I was talking about some frustration or something. And then the most ultimate frustration ever hit me was I'm walking through the parking lot. This bothers me like to know. And it's like one of us. It's alright. Ever. Yeah. I mean, you've lost, right? Yeah. You ever get those little plastic flosser? Why do people find the need to take those free of these and just ground? That's disgusting. They're they're doing it while they drive is what I've surmised. All right, but I mean, when I drive, I'll eat like a protein bar and put the wrapper in the side door apartment so I could throw it out when it normally When I go guys up, I take all the trash out of there and throw it out everything even if there's like, gooey stuff on a take until I wash my hands. Why do people if you care that much about your teeth? Why do you take the Flosses and just plop them on the ground? I don't get it. I'm going to pick up after you because I have a little tiny, like toothbrush ones where it's one, and it's a toothbrush. The other end is a little little pick or toothpicks or whatever and saying thing, I'll do that. But then I'll put in my coffee. Do it in the car. Yeah, but I'll put in my coffee cup and throw it out or I'll put it in. Whatever rapper I use. I won't just toss it out the window. This is what I'm thinking. I'm sure some of it is purposeful letter, but I think other people might be doing it while they drive and put it on their lap or something. Saying These were in the park after parking lots of places. I don't know. I think if you care that much about your hygiene in your face, do it at home. What about Mother Earth? All right, take care of her. Let if you're going to be good to her, she's going to be great to you..

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