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Club is a delicious way to support. Npr's programming if you're twenty one or older uncork your special offer at npr wine club dot org. It's time for our final game. Lightning fill in the blank. Each of our players will have sixty seconds in which to answer as many fill in the blank questions they now can each correct answers now worth two points bill. Can you give us the scores. Tom has to brian. Has three chris. Stella has three all right. Tom you are in third place. You were up. I fill in the blank on tuesday. California voted not to recall their blank. Governor yes on. Thursday trump ally roger stone served with a lawsuit for his involvement with the riot at the blank ryan at the capitol right on thursday. A federal judge ordered the biden administration to stop expelling migrants over concerns about blank about covert. Yes this week. It was announced. That my bialik ken jennings would host blank through the end of this season jeopardy jeopardy. What is being called the worst pitch in baseball history. Kansas city royals pitcher through a ball. That blanked that went backwards. No look like a hit his own foot and then landed four feet in front of him. On wednesday microsoft announced that users could now log onto their accounts without using blanks passwords. Right on monday. A dutch court ruled that blank drivers are employees. Not contractors uber drivers. Yes in a of the stories all leashed. Pets are welcome bones. Man in texas brought his blank to a local petco horse no his sixteen hundred pound giant african with busy steer same thing. Not really.

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