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Review the day's papers. Now I'm joined in the studio by monocle Nichols Own. Have Been Ryan and Ben Good afternoon. Shall we start with a newspaper from your home city of Melbourne. That's right Marcus. West starting with the age and as quote a tense situation going on in Australia at the moment regarding the Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Now this is actually. Concerning one of his ministers the Energy Minister Angus Taylor Angus. Taylor has been in a bit of hot water recently. After he claimed that a lot of money being spent by a particular council in the State of New South Wales ells on on travel expenses. Now he was. He said in parliament that he was relying on a particular document that showed the the expenses had gone into the millions. It appears that whatever whether this document was that he was relying on May have been a forgery now data as obviously angered a lot of people One of the Labor Opposition politicians then called for an investigation into Mr Taylor has been taking place. The story of gotten the age today concerns. Scott Morrison the prime minister making a phone call to the police. Commissioner a New South Wales to ask about the substance of the investigation. Now you do generally don't do that. Needless list to say that has said a lot of people on fire. They're now saying that. The prime minister is trying to influence the investigation. The police commissioner for his part said that he he had seen the phone ringing several times on Tuesday morning but had ignored the cold because he didn't recognize the number so it does seem that even Scott Morrison Orthon has been having a bit of trouble getting through to the police commissioner but regardless this conversation has taken place and the prime minister certainly seems to be on the back foot over in And in other news the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is making headlines as well. You've got the conrete indeed now. This story is well. It was rather tens about twenty twenty years ago of the story now consents the twentieth anniversary of the referendum. That Australia took to decide whether it would become a republic break away from the Commonwealth. Say It's it's time is up for You Majesty. The Queen and elect our own Australian head of state. Australia voted no on that but it was the beginning beginning of political career for Mr Malcolm Turnbull. He was later of that referendum campaign and he was present at this dinner. That took place last night in Canberra Dan Rutz who marked twenty years since the vote and he said that look obviously the the the momentum that led to this referendum still exists in Australia. There are still a lot of people who say we should be a republic. The questions are just we don't know how to do it The and Mr Turnbull has been saying that if if this question were asked again if if it were put to the people once again we need to work out what the model would be a not was really the thing that killed the referendum in the first place A lot of people agreed that we should eight eighty sensible for Australia to have its Iron Australian head of state but no one could quite agree on how that person would be elected and they'd actually do Hogan senses. Is this topic for example when you are in Australia. Meet your friends to discuss with Australia's Abuna public or not now. Most people have a bit of a giggle about it. Actually because the the queen doesn't really have anything to do with this training politics as it is the role of the Governor General which is essentially what the president would be if we were a republic. It's purely ceremonial. The only consequential thing the governor general has ever really don would be to sack the government in the nineteen seventies and of course not quite controversial especially if you're a Prime Minister Whitlam But ever since then it it really is a ceremony on your role. No one really gets upside about this very much and I. I do think that's why. A lot of people have reservations about changing the system because Australian politics ease for the most part ah very plain sailing very on controversial. We don't really have extremes on either side of politics. I mean they're they're they're have an awful lot of power sir. I think there are a lot of people who think let's just leave it as it is daylight savings in the other hand. Are they controversial as a topic. You've got a story from the Sydney morning. Herald my goodness Marcus. This is one of the most controversial topics you could possibly raise in his The moment As as you would probably know is well-known because we we talk about this here in in Britain to but there are a lot of people who don't like daylight savings Including it does seem the Labor leader in the State of New South Wales. Jodi McKay one of her constituents has has written to her saying that she would like daylight savings to be shortened or axed all moved. Because it's too hot to go walking in the park in an evening She complained that. Come eight o'clock in the evening. She would like to go for a gentle stroll in a local park. It's still hovering around forty degrees absolutely ridiculous. We should change the times to make cool things going to happen now. I'm not sure I don't have this. I don't know why get so controversial. I I suspect there are a lot of people who misunderstand. What daylight savings actually is the article here in the Sydney Morning Herald is it's quite enlightening? Actually about why people get so uptight about it. There are several reports some of them. Say daylight savings bad for climate. Change others say that it leads to a rise in robberies and so on He's just a list of some of the things that have been attributed due to change of time. A full in robberies increased petrol sales a- jump in heart attacks less milk being produced by cows. And you'll curtains uh-huh fading faster which is terrible news. I suppose if you're really into drapery I don't really see the logic in this to be on Marcus. I'm pretty pretty sure that if you change the time it doesn't make the daylight actually longer but we will definitely be following this new story here. I WANNA go to four. Let's make sure if that's Ben Ryland. 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