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Lam qatar hayes that covers the entire skopje what is there to i mean it's right there in fraud you every day yeah i guess i just saw assumed soon does like you know for example like condensation like like condense water vapor from from laying off from rockets flying i dare let me ask you this question i do like on a whole day would water vapour combating your mouth it doesn't they around for four hours it did pay and it's the same thing with it but there's a lot less like you know horizontal and vertical wind shear when you're on the ground and different humidity levels i'd seems to me like there's a lot of confounding variables for us to say that it's like a mindcontrol experiment well i didn't pay the mic across at it if it was spare abed to help prevent global warming according to them uh but they're using joanna van global warming yeah because what it does decrease the amount of cook creates global jamie 'cause what it does to prevent sunlight from coming refrained battle in the scarborough is going to limit yeah it relaxed the sun battle or you're seeing is is they're trying to do something good for the planet if it is indeed some yeah it's being consciously done but that the problem with it is that the chemicals at wind up in our environment as a result of that he the the uh the measures they're taking two to stop global warming wind up damaging humans right well you look at what i mean look at like some of the soil samples in by makes jack furiously that aluminum levels are ten thousand percent higher than they're supposed to be heavy there's there's a there's a it's hard to remember the mortgage it do research you'd like grab attempt trail i mean who's gonna go up.

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