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The post Thanksgiving rush begins today for everyone who decided to travel for their turkey. These people are Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Most warm asks. Some say there was little to no social distancing once the plane hit the tarmac. Everyone's getting up. Aziz, you normally would show everyone standing up on top of each other that was on the flight going out on the way back. They were a little bit more compliant. Others concerned about a potential uptick in covert 19 cases. I mean, definitely for people getting together and everyone traveling. It's not great. This Sunday is expected to be the busiest day of travel this week, ABC Selwyn Lopez in Atlanta. Before the Corona virus pandemic Feeding America estimated 37 million Americans were food insecure. ABC is Andy Field says That organization now puts that number a closer to 150 to 50 million in cities across America, cars, lined football stadiums, schools and warehouses to collect food boxes. We've seen demand on average across the 200 feeding America, food banks sit pretty steadily at about it a 60% increase. And need feeding. American executive vice president and chief operating officer Katie Fitzgerald says she expects the need to grow over the winter months is Americans start to choose paying for rent heat? Or food. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington This is ABC News. Common Use in Seattle. Nine old four's Been busy this morning here overnight hours early morning accidents between Olympia in Seattle. Hopefully things to calm down. John Nelson. LF Komal traffic.

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