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Accurate weather all day at the top. And the bottom of the hour us radio eleven forty W R V A. Life. Let's go practice hustle picking up poker night. And fake Haitians. Honey. Sure, we can afford this RV life is also news, weather and traffic things that impact life. Well, my kids practice can be cancelled if the weather's bad because I'd rather be home hanging out with the family than sitting in traffic all night, everything with the economy in life for every aspect of lights important to know what's going on. Newsradio W R V A. Green likely this afternoon could be moderate to heavy at times with some strong, gusty winds and a few rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out warm high temperatures in the mid sixties for NBC twelve I'm meteorologist Megan wise with these radio eleven forty W R and now a ninety six point one FM from the pearsonhunter dot com weather center. It's rainy and fifty one in Innsbruck NewsRadio w RV time eleven thirty one. And Reiko police officer has recovered after he was struck this week in his car working an accident. I sixty four in the east end state police say the officer again was in his car in the left lane. When the accident happened Wednesday driver of the van who's been identified as John O'Malley? Twenty nine of Mathews county was also transported from minor injuries released later that day. A Molly was charged with reckless driving in the crash still remains under investigation state..

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