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And so it's a lot of their versions of who she was and then that documentary from when you're with the bird then you really get a sense of who cadence in her attitude in her mannerisms in that documentary which i think allison took a lot froman any amazing thing with allison janney as a as as an actor is it's the most vile stuff that she's doing and saying is is the most heinous and somehow she makes is the leica and this is empathy and you can feel the pain whenever she's talking it's funny as it is you can feel she's almost regretting it as soon as she sang it you know you see that i feel like you see that struggle in her and that's like that so talent as an actor yang that incompletely operates i dunno if we like her but we we don't want her to be our mommy but uh but she's in good but it feels incredibly humane in an honest you know and and you can see and feel that struggle i'm curious on that note the did each of the actors have an opportunity to talk to their counterparts like what added that play out magoe obviously did and then as so much time they spend together margo and to not that much said martin is so much footage on tania amin more than than any of the other characters obviously somato really did who work with that and she would listen to the the audio and that the really get it all down and then she wanted to do all of that first before she met tanya and just just have a conversation with her and explains her that she's playing a character this is her interpretation it's not you know it's not a faithful rendition of of of of tanya so that was for her fisa bashing he really wanted to meet jeff because there's not that much footage of jeff and generally it's him or after the incident being interviewed where he's got his his.

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