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Right someone like that when someone like that has a game that announces his arrival on the national stage in a way that raises his recognition i think that's the bigger story kemba walker is a great player and the guy thought the cab should've should've tried to get even if they had to take a tombs contract in between could be useful for them at the trade deadline and i think he's the story here last night kemba walker special he's the real deal but that ain't the story the story is how god awful and embarrassing the memphis grizzlies are we knew about kimball walker skills law before last night sixty one points max sixty one point loss one forty to seventy nine that is beyond embarrassing that's the conduct performance where we should actually think about taking this team away from these people we should actually did this same organization that got rid of his deal well we got a market in seattle that deserves a basketball team they don't deserve this team but they deserve a bass football team you can't sit up there and you can see why memphis fans ain't necessarily supporting this team this is a disgraceful performance not take it away from kemba walker but a sixty one way nba taking was a five year strategy the memphis grizzlies have played hard year in and year out win championships all the time and one year they realize okay our best strategy is to tank and you're gonna kill him over that joke about the foot seats i'm talking about last night's performance a sixty one point loss that is disgraceful they give the better money but that's just horrible i wouldn't ranch is on that we're out of time i think but i really wanted to get your take on this stephen across sports star you know like a dion sanders type or bo jackson type was unveiled this past week in tony romo made his pga debut tony romo.

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