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Stuff ascherson trae. Maybe you wore the buttons are then you know yeah memory but how would you get here. You can't drive anymore. You're bluebird all right all right for you. The line people have their society. And everything's going on all of a sudden. There's a horrible thunderstorm that knocks out bullet. Your grid are all these blind. People are GONNA put electric electric good back together now. Well here's the thing too so going back tonight in battle with up to you with Jason Momoa so first off before the battle. They're putting warpaint. Like why. Are you trying to scare. Are you waiting for the other person that touch your face and then oh my gosh. This guy's got some more paint on. How how intimidating? So I'm like. Why why do that? One guy has a helmet on and he's putting warpaint on the helmet and I'm like what's going on here. And then so Jason Mos has battle. They're fighting people. He never falls off this little cliff every inch and everything and I thought to myself well. That's maybe he's trained. This is their battleground. Maybe he's trained. They know where the trees are. I understand that then then they finish the battle. He goes to his baby mama in a cave where she's been for a while because she was in labor and asked to find it with a rope. Yes some you've you have this whole battle with all these people coming from all different directions that you can't see and you come out unscathed but you can't find your baby mom in the cave where you guys live. Yeah so that kind of stuff like throws me Out of that hole illusion. I mean I still believe it. And then what's with all the beads and the little things that they wear who you trying to impress like Ah tribes have done that because it means something that's the visual aspect of it means something to either other tribes or other people can show your get some boobs right. That's what they do in the tribe of a yeah Sani. That's a red red dead redemption to line. I don't I know that the whole knots in the rope and all that that's like basically like Braille but in a row. They do that as cold. But I'm talking about how they dress like jewelry point jewelry but close match. It's like I've never seen it. Did they were great. They were great fashion on everything. Unlike a I've never dated a blind person. Did I hope she's not going to beg me for a lot of jewelry because why please blind line ladies hit my cup in the Asia to be asking for jewelry at crackerjack ring right no no no she well I don't know that that's the only thing with C.. That threw me off of this world. They're creating like. Why are we doing all this? You know you're looking for like walking dead with blind people. Yeah I think that whoever when they sat down and their production meetings and they were trying to build this world they should have thought a little bit more of what a world like. It was really only blind people in here. What would you want it to be mad? Max of blind people. Yeah pretty much coach. That was really my only concern in the war. Paint thing made me laugh. I mean like that's so ridiculous anyway. Judy see the Queen. Yea She's pretty hot. She's ridiculous she doesn't know. I think I think no her acting as ridiculous. It's a little over. The top of that character. Yeah if she would have just been herself I like and what are the voice. I would have bought it. The other thing is they forgot everything about modern society over all these years and they somehow though went back to like fifteen hundred English But remember modern day curse words but they don't know how to churn butter or whatever the most important thing to pass down all the swearing the modern day care Mid Twenty first century first words I did then game one time we try to guess old swear words and they were terrible like the new ones agree. Yeah but then keep them alive hundred years from now. Somebody's GONNA playing a game and they're gonNA those curse words from the two thousands or awful Is it worth watch. I'm interested in. It's only eight episodes. I'll watcher. I like I liked. I enjoyed it. Yes I there's some things that I wish they would probably would have stayed and explored a little bit longer. But I think once you watch you understand what I mean like well. What about this like? I want to know more about that because it was just intriguing rigging but then they like you said they dislike. It happens and then they're out of onto the next thing like we'll wait. You could've stayed there for a minute because you WANNA know more. I think you so. It's understanding what you want. Yeah I'd sounds like something. 'cause they move pretty fast. Yeah all right now. It's the pace is fine for what's happening but a little bit later you're going to be like Okay now after I watched this what other of the three shows they have on apple. TV plush. I watch I finished watching the serve of in Down was okay It has Ron Weasley from Harry Potter and I'll watch Truth be told It's okay I don't think either one of those are really up your alley. Okay but what about Did you see For All mankind. No I I started to watch it. for some reason couldn't get into it. I WANNA try watching watching watching it got four. I got four episodes on and my attention had to be diverted somewhere else. Okay I wanted to come back to but it's it takes a unique direction action where you're like. Oh we're going.

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