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And he's like. For mouthpiece. And then like I didn't touch my pocket about pieces in there. And I have not forgot the mouthpiece since and that was probably two thousand and three and it takes scenarios like that. Where you know. It's just like just like the athlete. Athlete's is all about performance, and you gained from your, and sometimes you don't perform that really helps you out, and, you know, having that performance where I really dug into myself after that fight and it helped me never do that again. But I've got a I've got a laundry list of things that I laugh about what I've done in the corner before so super cool to be able to get out there and do that. But again, it's never vision when it takes ever go out there, and critique people who I learned from you know, what would you say about the state of ever may cornering? I think you would agree. Probably I don't wanna put words in your mouth, certainly. But for the time I've been observing the sport the last decade. And more. It's certainly gotten a lot better. But one of the things I've really noticed is a lot of us don't exist. And by that, I mean number one people who've done cornering in other similar combat force, which is and they have and those other sports like boxing long histories of cornering, and to it's a lot of really young people. It's a lot of teammates who am I also be active fighters cornering, you're seeing a little bit less of that. Now, you're seeing some generational shift to me, that's that's made cornering a little bit better still long way to go. What is your assessment of the state of Emmett cornering? Yeah. It's kinda long Ray. I mean, I come from the boxing world in the boxing world is you know, you have a couple of people in your corner. But there I mean one one time I had to get on the guilty as who was a cut man and very well-known cut, man. And I was wondering manual -pez. And he started like telling them what to do. And I had to jump on the night. I feel like doing vaccine cornering. It was really just you doing the instruction. And at least it was for me. I have a big team a lot of times that the boxing coach works with the boxer all the time. So the two you're listening to I know when I got into the made a lot of coaches that you're working with and that's why felt like a stick putting the wheel where it was very easy to have so many people told me right thing and everybody could be saying there, I think, but it's so much information or so much going into the fighter where it makes cornering very very very tough. And just like, you said a lot of times athlete and athletes. Aren't you? But it's it's almost like wasn't into a a mom yell into her son on the on the wrestling mat? So you know, you hear say squeezed harder going. Well, what does that mean? You know, it's it's definitely come a long way..

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