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I think it's definitely going to be a good experiment right with all these young guys so if it works and it works out great and how the but then if not then you know you you have young guys. You could probably move around on your squad well. And that's the thing. The canucks need in impact from their young players considering their calf situation this year. You know This is the last year of a lot of shitty contracts on the team. The russo beagle An ericsson deal deals It's the last deal of those gnat alone up. thirteen million. I think those three contracts when they get off the books So man yeah. I you know they need to be Be creative this off season. Jim benning said he wants to be aggressive. Shimmy better be aggressive and creative and smart about it and there goes along oregon. So yeah that really is. All i should say on again wasn't much The cdns they're still figuring out their role organization Apparently they're looking at assistant. Gm roles but you know. I don't know man should be should be entertaining especially with the draft then to the pick ninth Yemen i'm excited. Yeah no definitely. We'll have to dive deeper into that. When we go over our traffic's because picking night that that's not a bad pick at all. You could definitely find somebody to fall down that far or you know a diamond in the rough. A gem as nhl twenty one would say a jam all the gems never work or they never pan out. Yeah know which pretty fun pretty funny. Because i'm like why are you gonna thing if you're not gonna. I don't know there's a lot of weird stuff in that game. I know. I know. I've been playing at a lot lately. I love just buying a franchise mode and just like symington old thing. Because i feel like it's so rewarding to see how your team does bro. I might team right now. In allegany restarted. A new franchise canucks and man. It's like every fucking year my team off terrible and then they go on a tear and then losing the first round and it's so frustrating. I fire fiery my coach than and so i bring a new coach all fucking sudden the next year i start off like four and like eighteen or something and i'm like what the fuck Wanna barely missing the playoffs. So that sucked. But i know they're so it's so weird because like i was wondering how yeah. I wonder how much of an impact like the chemistry really. Has i always go to build the best chemistry on my teams rather than like anything else..

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