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Speech he gave during game six of the cup final where they're facing elimination, which blew the doors off Saint Louis and that game and their own their own building all those guys afterwards. It wasn't about you know, the cliche dances of you know, we were good on the forecheck, you know around in Parks or anything like that. A lot of it was just need those speeds version gave and their commitments not wanting that season-ending that way. So yeah, I mean you kind of Trace all a lot of the success for the Bruins on ice off a lot of it is a trace back to version women who admitted or not. He probably won't in terms of his role and all of it of course, but he's just been a Monumental piece for the Bruins in terms of just his successor over the pretty much the whole tenure that he's been here. The brownie now going into is 17th season. So it's definitely Testament and title that is absolutely deserved and not a surprise to anyone. No, not a surprise. I think there's a legit case to be made the best thing to happen to Brad. Marchand was Patrice Bergeron. Oh and that first Bergeron really was kind of the the guy that set a guy like Marshawn straight cuz there was a real. It was never like Sagan but you know, like it was known that Marshawn like to have a good time and you know, the the the the celebration after the cop was she was well warranted. I mean you want to kill a cop like absolutely but you know the stuff on the ice and sort of his Antics on it was more on the ice stuff. It was him being AWOL from the Stanley Cup DVD cuz he was not in the state to do his recordings, which it was a great little fact about that video. If you watch it. He doesn't he's not have they always have you know, the talking head things. He's like not in a I don't think cuz like yeah, he wasn't available. So yep. So there's that too. So it's things like that that you know, I think it feels like you know as marshmellows are got older and matured. You know that happens as you get older but I do think that the best thing I think one of em, most, you know responsible pieces for Brad Marchand becoming an elite, you know Point getting Winger in the NHL, which I don't think you know, if you go back to the beginning of the 2010s, I don't think many people pegged Mars is like, you know, a top-five left-winger at some point is career. And here he is. He might particularly might be the best one player. This is arguably argument to be made for that. So a lot of that is Bergeron like that girl was you know, they've been linemates whole time. He reached his best friend on the team, you know, first runs been like the biggest influence on him. So I do think that it's absolutely possible that Bergeron is probably the best thing to happen to Brad Marchand back on and off the ice. So I think Bergeron obviously definitely, you know deserving of the the captaincy, but when you want to make safe bets like Burj Becoming Captain. There's only one place to make a bet like that. And that's absolutely Heaven. Listen up guys. It's an exciting time of the year around the Sports World. We got NFL and college football play-offs are in full swing the NBA is back and sure enough..

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