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Been examined for used as a ballpark again. Or even as a soccer field to rehab McCoy into a soccer stadium. Because that's what we talked about is almost impossible. I mean, the cost of just astronomical. So the city's looking for all ideas, and it's requests for proposals includes property downtown and women Memorial Hospital was located and the winning bid might involve several companies and the way it's structured is a respondent could simply confined, the response to to McCoy only day could respond to sites that are not including McCoy or that could be a response that incorporates both McCoy and additional sites mayor grabbing is still hoping to jump start developing downtown. We know that we lost our opportune. Unity with the PawSox. We've lost that development. We lost that anchor. And we're hopeful to see what's out there a foreign car. So we see we've had some companies that have looked at this time table for this process is extremely tight and developers have already been looking over this opportunity. There have been some people who've looked at it. But we do want it to open it up to anyone who might be interested. So I think that we are mindful or commerce as well as the city is mindful that there may be a need to extend that that timeframe show. The developers are supposed to toward these sites next week and have their final proposals in by April twenty fifth though as commerce director Boyle said that deadline could be extended this Bill ramp from NBC ten Providence Journal coverage of this particular story says after nearly fifty years at McCoy PawSox last summer announcing they're going to leave Pawtucket and twenty twenty one for a new ninety five million dollar publicly financed ballpark in Worcester. That should not be an above the full story for you since then the Governor Gina Raimondo has such he's personally. Searching for other teams, including professional soccer teams are double a minor league. Baseball teams to replace PawSox at McCoy in an interview yesterday, though state commerce secretary Stephan prior told the pro-jo that the state has received quote, a number of inquiries over recent months from sports franchises and leagues. Now finding a baseball team to fill the ballpark. That's mighty complicated, by the way, it's complicated by major league baseball territorial rules, which gives the PawSox right to block any MLB affiliated Meyer league team from playing in Pawtucket. So they're not going to give them the keys to the city. Of course, they wouldn't you know, they don't want to create competition for Worcester. So as prior had any discussions with PawSox managing about it. And would they let another team to this former home, and he said, it would be too soon to speculate about any specific arrangement. Now that things things old, you know, McCoy stadium built in nineteen forty two extensively renovated in the nineteen nineties McCoy was deemed obsolete by the PawSox ownership group shortly after they bought it in two thousand fifteen so the state. Which suddenly is the ballpark from Pawtucket as spent about two million dollars in recent years on repairs at McCoy stadium, according to budget documents, but a two thousand seventeen study concluded that it would cost what sixty five million bucks right to renovate McCoy up to modern minor league baseball industry standards. So they got a lot of work to do to find a new tenant from McCoy stadium. Amanda milk in the Providence Journal says police sees more than thirty five thousand dollars in cash in Pawtucket gallon bags filled with condoms and W two winning slips from twin river casino during raids and two local massage parlors in the bucket last week, David supporting the searches at harmony spa and far east acupressure also gave some insight into how these spas, maybe operated. Detectives in Pawtucket special squad, arrested thirteen women after investigation last month into prostitution and tips that the women weren't allowed to leave at least one of the spots despite the signs that were hanging in both these spas. That breeds please do not offer. For sex. It was posted in the rooms at far east and similar warnings at harmony both places have long been advertised. It says and reviewed on erotic websites both massage parlor and small strip malls..

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