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No if this one does the right output whatever this is dead simple uspa cook turns three point oh you know it's going to work for whoever you give it to and twenty bucks is a throwaway kind of don't throw it away recycled responsibly throwaway amount of money to to get a good backup battery cool and yeah this is just a small sample of the stuff that happens the thrift or team works really hard to get stuff going on the site they're just constantly new stuff had happened up there it's actually really fascinating to watch that team work just it's so different from the way i think about tech blogging they are just very very good at what they do so thrift dot com or at daily take a look and you are just about guaranteed to find something cool that is way cheaper than you normally find it i eat my tech budget up the first few days of the month every month now that we work with them it's it's not not healthy for us for sure it's great i get all kinds of new stuff and i can get more stuff because it's cheaper that's true so i wanted to shift gears here and actually a whole lot of stuff about google and that's we have a lot of stuff to talk about people i think i think this is probably the most google going to talk about before i o happens so we need to we need to get all of this out of the way now and really the first thing was was very successful financial call we got the kind of the big report from google that happens every year for for stuff that has been going on the past year and how successful google has been as a company or how alphabet has been as a company and there was a lot of good news in there about money that was made largely from adra vanu and andrew noted in the entire earnings call that google said the word pixel very very few times.

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