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It's a chilly, two degrees Fahrenheit today with expected, lows near one hundred thirty eight degrees below zero now you can get a daily weather report on Mars innovation now bringing you stories behind the ideas that shave our future. A new public tool developed by Nasr's Jet Propulsion Laboratory gives anyone interested in checking out the Mars, weather website, and up to date weather report on Mars, the auxiliary payload subsystem a package of sensors on Nastase insight. Lander provides around the clock weather information, including temperature wind an air pressure, readings insights main instruments. The Landers size monitor and heat flow probe are affected by the extreme temperature. Swings of Mars air pressure changes and wind create movements that mask actual Mars quakes, so AP s will help researchers filter out in. Vire mental noise in the seismic, data, and as an additional windfall. The instruments provide a detailed view of what's going on, on the planet as the seasons change. And give us all a glimpse of weather on an alien world for innovation now. I'm Jennifer pulling animation. Now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w. HR V.

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