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Time now justin adams thank you april yeah the colorado rockies wake up today just three and a half games back of the division lead after arizona and san francisco both lost last night the rockies are playing good baseball winners of six out of the last seven and they will take on a very very good seattle team who's twenty four games over five hundred take it amount will be herman marcus for the rockies against felix hernandez for seattle our coverage starts at seven thirty first pitch at eight ten in football the broncos signed running back royce freeman to his rookie contract the broncos have all their draft picks side for the upcoming season davor will count on players likewise freeman because there's not a lot of experience at the tailback position but broncos quarterback case keenum he's excited to see the young guys put on the pads at a couple of weeks i think they've all come along they've all come a long way and i'm excited to see those guys when they put pads on that's really when the competition gets going for the for the running backs you know when you put the pads on and see know see those guys running downhill say it with me training camp starts on july twenty eighth can't come here fast enough in basketball two different nuggets players nikolai yokich and gary harris will be a part of the nba's basketball without borders program in serbia the event allows serbian youth to learn the game of basketball for the pros themselves this will take place from august fourteenth to the seventeenth history was made in the us last night as rhonda rousey got a call so the hall of fame we have redefined what it means to be strong to be sexy we have changed what it means what it means to fight like a girl rowzee becomes the first woman to make it to the hall of fame she held the bantamweight belt for four years congratulations to her and finally quarterfinals action in the world cup.

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