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Meteorologist Brad Martin in the W B A P Weather center. Nice morning, shaping up all across north Texas. Um, we have seen some showers down toward Hillsborough. That's quite a ways off its possibility if you could bubble up during the heat of the day, but it's not very likely. Overall, I think we're going to be mostly dry. And, uh, well, typically warm for this time of year. Look for high today of 93. It'll feel like 98 with the humidity. Um, tonight 76 for the low and then we're probably 95 94 95 Pick a number tomorrow. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Right now, at W B A P. 76 degrees News brought to you by Texas from Bureau mutual insurance. That the Republicans have in advance to revise bills that critics say makes votings harder in the state after hundreds spoke against the proposals, which have gained national attention. Here's reaction from Democratic State representative Nathan Johnson on W F A s inside Texas politics Well, I'm glad the bill is not as offensive as it was. I think that most of this election law stuff is in further into the false narrative that we're under some threat of voter fraud when that's been disproven continuously. I think it's a political narrative. However, I am for secure elections. I think I think everybody is. Revisions include bans on 24 hour polling places, drop boxes and drive through voting. Meanwhile, Governor Abbott has balked at critics of the bill who say it's an effort to suppress the vote. Main thing that we're trying to crack down upon is the area where there is known and documented broad in the election process, and that is in the absentee ballot melon ballot process. The votes from the Republican Majority Committee put the Bills on a path to be voted on by the full chamber this week, and some Texas Democrats say they're ready to stage a second walkout to again stop consideration of the bills. Thousands of Cubans took to the streets to protest the lack of food and medicine as the country deals with an economic crisis worsened by the covid 19 pandemic and U. S sanctions..

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