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Our poll question is sponsored by man versus food on cooking channel, mclovin. Okay. Who'd he got the raptors warriors right now sixty six percent raptors. Yeah. I'll still take them because I don't know what to expect out of Golden State when they go back home. They'll get an emotional lift, but you still don't have Durant. And I think Toronto is a better team then you when you don't have Durant. This was in USA today, the writer is Dan Walkin. He's covering the NBA finals and is the headline which the writer doesn't write the headlines. But somebody else writes this opinion. Kevin Durant game five injury is a failure on many levels. Dan, walk in the columns for USA today, says in the end the idea Durant was somehow soft because he couldn't make it back onto the court until Monday was always ridiculous. If Durant could've played he would have been out there in the first four games, his body didn't let him. And if the noise. Somehow played any role in Durant coming back before his body was ready to compete. We all need to own some of that NBA careers on forever and the discourse around injuries, which often includes some romantic tough man idea of the way things used to be needs to change. If the worst happened and he tours achilles. In a way that will rob Durant of one of the prime years of his career. It's a major failure by everyone. Yes. Including the warriors Bob Myers, the front office exact for the warriors said I don't think there's anybody to blame. But I get it this that stuff happens. I hope nobody does place blame. You can say injuries are fluky and to an extent. That's true. But this one didn't seem like it the same leg the same part of the leg after a month of drama and mystery that never seemed to lead anywhere good Durant, hadn't played or done significant basketball activity for a month. It's hard to view dropping him in the middle of the finals at that intensity and speed on a leg that wasn't good enough to play. Seventy two hours earlier as anything other than a risk. He has tried to fight his way back and put his body on the line for those guys. And that franchise. Fred van bleat, the raptors guard said you just hate to see that. We feel for him. It's very unfortunate. It's Dan Wilkin goes on to write. Maybe the long-term outlet outlook for Durant will be okay. The off season is coming plenty of time to rest up. No matter what happens, he'll go into free agency. Get amac's contracts somewhere, even if he has to sit out the start of next season. But when bodies start to break down in the NBA intentionally accelerating, the damage can be a dangerous game. Let's just hope what happened Monday didn't cost. Kevin Durant more than a chance to rescue a title. I didn't understand what Bob Myers was saying when he said, you know, we did everything you're supposed to do. But if you're going to blame somebody blame me here is the Golden State Warriors executive. I don't believe there's anybody to blame. But I understand this world. And if you have to. You can blame me. I run our best ball, operations department and. Tell you something about Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant loves to play basketball, and the people that questioned. Where he wanted to get back to this team were wrong. That's Bob Myers, obviously emotional. And he said, look, they did their due diligence everybody. Did their job. I do have an issue. Somebody's not able to go seventy two hours earlier and all of a sudden they're ready to all of a sudden play the most important game of the season. And no minutes restrictions that I was shocked..

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