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I think if you will get to the fake impeachment and Kobe Bryant and got a corona virus and Jeff Basil soon they gonna get a different name corona virus doesn't sound so bad doesn't know okay sounds like a drink yes all the time you want to order some of the coronavirus it's another great name US stocks were either in a four down four hundred and twenty two yeah it now it looks like this is this stock market drop is strictly panic over the corona virus and if you break down the stocks that are falling it's those that would be most affected by the coronavirus travel stocks are down airline stocks are down that kind of stuff they also see a drop in the tech sector that's because a lot of the tech assembly manufacturing is over in China and this could stop at the stop production slowdown production and you know even think about this I wasn't really panicked over this corona virus but if it's going to hold up my iPhone twelve huh which is due in September well then this is different now hi I know you're very afraid of this corona virus but but top man on earth you couldn't have in a moment of danger when this guy this is like Batman or Superman when he comes to the rescue while the president risk is low you can never be too careful when it comes to to something is deadly and verily all right now I know it doesn't sound very bright but he has these Ben Franklin glasses and he wrote it in an index card so we want to make sure they can sustain this pace and have all the dollars they need should the actors to pose for you know that on he does a fake Sunday press convert you know on Saturday this is the way this this to post for the swap bureaucrat is he said on Saturday the staffer whom why can't we about something on the corona virus likely probably at something else schedule like seat belts on buses or something yeah and they said well Sir we have nothing to do with the crown of I want corona virus itself corona viruses out get me something in corona virus so they faked some press conference thing in the calls on somebody else do something yeah because he never does anything you'll notice a go back it went you guys do this all you news guys if you you should all do this if you were really on the Schumer case all you news departments would go get all of the press conferences from two thousand eighteen things he called for in the CV took one step anywhere to get any work done or when he was done to the throw the whole thing in the waste basket forget about it better yet don't cover the Sunday news conference so yeah why do you always because there's nothing nothing else if you put out anything on Sunday it gets to the Monday paper gets on the news it gets because there's nothing happening on Sunday that if Chuck Schumer did a Monday press coverage you'd never hear buttons again so that's what he does that but go back and check the record anything is called for proposed nothing nothing ever happened with that today impeachment the the fake impeachment resumes at one o'clock and be good day to day to watch because Dershowitz will be the guy doing the presentation he's very good though some do Saturday Night Live trying to make it look like he was the devil they did a sketch with him in the L. anti semitic sketch there from a Saturday Night Live the way they portrayed him the brought John love it's back to do it so today hill top it's just him I think if you think of the whole bunch of reinvigorated like all they know who I don't think they're going to use a whole they like Democrats yeah you got to give the Republicans credit for one thing they give you like seventeen hours and then shift talks for seventeen hours but Pat chip alone on the set you know I'll do twenty minutes that's all I need to make the case Dershowitz will probably do he's a good talkers forget speak ill do half hour probably that's all you need they don't need to talk the argument on the democratic side privately what they've said is eve because basically Schefter they only have a twenty month to keep repeating it over and over again so their argument is people come and go throughout the day so they're doing that so that any point when it returns on though here the the big important part of the case well that's kind of the Z. one hundred in other words you play the song every half hour so that these people coming and going so whenever anybody turns of they hear you because I saw a lot of sense but it works through the one hundred because it's music you like to hear music over and over again Adam Schiff is not exactly Billy I was that's on here so every everybody wondering how this will affect Iowa because it pulls the senators off the campaign trail especially Warren and Bernie in that year Biden is just the worst candidate the world is way behind despite the rig fake polls so they're trying to help Biden that's one reason to impeachment now so the Biden is alone out there in Iowa although I notice worn and Sanders flew out there on the weekend and there was warrant trial.

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