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That still the best fastest and easiest way to do it best weeds care went on the air if it's an exceptional tweet i will read tweeted and then it goes back out to one point four million plus clowns twice should use twitter or you can email me we talked about last night's game if you joining us late the only thing to me predictable about this year in the nfl is the unpredictability anything can happen that's why miami can rise up and smacked the pats less than three weeks after the pats did the same thing to them mean we saw that coming right and yet and we won't get hammered last night that kim was not as close as the final score indicated we talked about tom brady some people rushing into say see the guy's old he's a shot fighter he showed up one night he can't do it anymore it's got a bad game he had a bad game they had a bad game trust me he's fine that does not dismiss the three months prior the guy just had a bad night on the other hand jay cutler had a great night and every great hero knows when it's time to write off into the sunset not every great player but every great hero and this is why i'm going closecircuit to a man whose head is probably still resting on his pillow a half smack marlboro burning in the ashtray and a bottle of whisky down to its last drop and a giant chinchilla for a coat lying at the foot of the bad because jay cutler last night was a walk off if i ever saw one is just not going to get any better than that for kutty and why no the dolphins are still technically alive in the afc is really worth tarnishing what's left of your legacy detroit a one out that performance especially a guy was played a grand total of two playoff games it is twelve year career because all cody had one shell left in that position and man it was beautiful wasn't it that was a sight to see if we know anything about anything is there once you drop a bomb like that on a.

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