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He has to get better when the play goes wrong initially, he right now becomes too much of a wild card to use your term. When the play does not start out the way that he's expecting and. Experience, I think will solve some of that interactions with Jase, more will help and the one thing about about says he's he's been doing zoom meetings for years. That's his preferred method of communication. So I'm sure this offseason hasn't felt as different darnold as it has the some guys I imagine those guys have been on the Internet quite a bit together I. Think they're excited to work with each other because I think darnold realizes how much better he can be when not making the boneheaded place. You see the talent right there. It's just there's too many. Bone plays right now to make a good evaluation of the guy though. Defensively. We talked before the Jamal Adams traded happened when he was on the market, you know what is he worth what it form where he worked to the jets and you you've kind of you said over over the past couple of months, it's not a crucial position for the jets. You don't need a big time safety and Greg Williams defense here. So I mean look the fact that they ended up getting two first round picks for him and A. A little bit more ended up being quite the hall for the jets there will. Obviously, we'll. We'll talk about Adams impact in Seattle on our NFC west show coming up sometime between now and the season. But the pieces they have in the secondary. Now they added peer to peer and they got Bradley macdougald in that. Jamal Adams. Trade. It does this fit together. Properly, I mean disappears of very specific kind of cornerback in and macdougald. You know, he's, he's a he's up starting caliber safety of a obviously not of Jamal Adams ability. But does it kind of does it add up to something that makes sense here? mcnew? Gould is absolutely equality starting safety in the NFL. There's no question about that peer-to-peer. Long Armstrong physical when it's going well, he he looks like a shutdown corner at times. When it's going poorly think how can I? You know he's just not quicker twitchy enough, and how can how can it be on the field? That's what you have. I think they feel because he pleased much cover to cover to. You're GONNA jam the receiver at the snap. They feel that that long physicality at corners really going to serve two sear. Well, now, the colts play a lot of cover to as well, and that's the team that just got rid of this year because the Sierra. So inconsistent in the second half of last season. So a wildcard is we gotta get a new term there. You got me on that wild card phrase, but he's he's a, he's a joker. A joker card, it can be anything. You don't know what he's GonNa now. he needs to get. Out of the deck and take out of the deck. Yeah. I thought that always made the Games boring as. We were is about adding jokers when you're eight, which is the last time I played cards regularly. A lot rides on him. Though because they are not very deep, it corner, they know that they're willing to live with that. I see here the other guy, they got Quincy Wilson from. Indianapolis. Who's liked, Assira just. Even, even more negative values. Hang Wilson's a second round pick. Wasn't he? He was pretty, yeah. These forty, six, overall, nope, forty, forty, six, overall, twenty, seventeen. Long Guy also matched up the tight ends at time. So they have these big physical defensive backs tells you counting on sticking with that cover to stuff, which is why I'm sure they're comfortable trading atoms. They got a good return on him. I. Didn't think that trade was as lopsided people made it out to be by the way. I don't think it's I. Mean. It's not lopsided. At all I thought it was great. Yeah. Book both teams got what they were after I was surprised. They got that price for him. The number one, I'm surprised. We did see another trade where someone a non quarterback went for two one, a non quarterback and like non Aaron Donald went for two first round picks. But I mean look at Jamal. Adams. Just. Lit the entire jets headquarters on fire. You figure that would have. Hurt his trade value, and instead they kind of got what I. Always a maximum return for. Look at some of these teams that are making the traits with these multiple first rounders, rams did it. For Jalen, Ramsey, the ranch view themselves, perennial contenders, I'm sure. the Texans did it for Tonsil and as much as we like to announce weeks? I have not been part of this at all much as people like to mock bill. O'Brien is general manager and all that the Texans have been in the AFC south and have a lot under Obama. They almost printable playoff team under bill. O'Brien, even really only had shawn. Shawn Watson available to them for one or two late season runs now. So they I'm sure they view themselves as contenders. It's when you're trading what you believe to be a late first round pick, which Seattle believes I'm sure that they're not gonNA. Pick any higher than twenty five this year. You know they could, but they don't believe that about themselves in. Trading the number twenty-five pick in your mind or whatever. It is to go up and get a guy who was drafted. Six overall improbably would be drafted that right now, we're ever redraft the league and bring all those guys from twenty eighteen or seventeen back into the NFL. They would've had to trade up to get Adams on draft day. So you're basically trading up to get Jamal Adams and what's different here is you're paying the premium because you have to give them a second contract, but you also have a sure thing. There's no. No guesswork. In this trade, you know Jamal Lambs Star in the NFL. He's not going to be a away a third of the first rounders at least become. So it's just a matter of philosophy at this point. It's not like he wins getting fleeced. That's that's not happening here. John Schneider just believes that we're GONNA. We're happy to pay a premium for a player that we think can probably have a domino effect for us that we would have had to trade up to get a guy of his draft caliber anyway like that. Save it for the NFC West Preview Andy. Yeah. You're right. Because that was more of a seahawk science side of it, but the jets I understand why they did it because Jamal Adams B.. K. became locker room cancer towards the end it. It looked like it worked out for me got out of town. But I I see where they did it as well..

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