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Republicans can you continue to hang everything on a ambassador. Volker hold on. We have Mark Meadows. Right here Congressman Meadows. Can we talk a lot so he. He's walking by right now. But Republicans are really struggling to defend the president. Okay great struggling okay. So congressman struggling anything. Oh okay because they're not struggling. Donald trump they serve a funny way of showing it they. They can't seem to find a singular narrative that stick so their defense keeps showy say evolving first White House Chief of Staff Mick. Mulvaney fumbled at a press. Briefing is a quid pro. We do that all the time with foreign policy. Admission blew up in their face. Republicans contri- to argue that since the quid pro quo didn't actually work. It's no big deal. I look at it this way. The aid is air and the investigations. It didn't happen so if there was a quid pro quo. It certainly wasn't very effective when I mean he tried to rob the bank. But it was closed. And then there's trump's golfing buddy and BFF senator Lindsey Graham Cram who so upset about the impeachment process. He can't even bear to read the transcripts of the closed door here. He's which is pretty much his job as a senator who will be part of the impeachment Richmond Jerry. I'm not gonNA read these groups. The whole process is a joke. I find the whole process to be a sham and I'm not gonNA legitimize it took not now. MSNBC political contributor David Jolly of four Republican guardsmen. WHO's no longer with the party David? I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh but really I'm so mad about the process. I refuse to read the evidence that I'm going to have to review as a juror. What is happening? It's one more shameful moment from shameless senator. What we're seeing from Lindsey Graham but consistent with all of the other arguments? No Republican argument will actually touch the fact that the president confess to bribing and extorting a foreign nation state for purposes of benefiting himself politically. And I think that's what we will see on throughout the hearings the public hearings. The question is not will. Will there be anything that changes the opinion of Republican members of Congress. But Will there be anything. That's so shifts public opinion that forces these Republican members to follow them to follow the voters. Because right now we we have no reason to expect leadership from Republicans but we can't expect them to follow if they find fealty fealty to a higher public opinion than their fealty to Donald Trump. Perhaps they'll shift but right now the political strategy joy this don't let the bass erode. Yeah that's it's it goes. If they let the bass road they're going to lose in two thousand twenty well in that to that very point. I got a peek at the RNC talking points that go out every week for their people who go out on television and the talking points for this week were authored by diamond. Silk True Story. This is a bit diamond linen. Silk are out there. This is just a witch hunt strategy bench. This strategy true. And I don't understand. And it's all all going after the whistle blower it's outing the whistle blower trying to out the person who was not on the call the whistleblower was not on the call. They've been corroborated now. That's not necessary necessary but it seems to be the strategy joy of you and I are talking about diamond and we bring the Niro back here in Tampa and listen to the viewers would much rather hear them than here talking about diamond and silk somebody to people who are intellectually vacuous but perfectly positioned to lead the trump impeachment impeachment defense because it is an intellectually vacuous defense. Look at the end of the day that the sad part here as we laugh about it is that in their fealty to a a a week and angry president these Republicans will be turning their back on their constituents on their children on the nation. They'll be leaving the constitution more shredded around the edges. It has been and I think what angers a lot of people in this moment. That certainly does me is these Republicans will sit in the Pews of their evangelical churches tomorrow professing a conviction conviction to right and wrong but they'll turn left and right to their fellow parishioners and say yeah but it doesn't apply to people on our team because at the end of the day what the president did was wrong and none of these arguments arguments approach the positive moment when Donald Trump on that phone call. Ask for an investigation into his political opponent. That is the bank robber holding the gun at the teller saying give me your money and any of the arguments. The latest argument that perhaps all this stopped at the Mulvaney Giuliani level that the president was not involved in the orchestration. And this attempt yes it was because he executed the bribery and extortion on that phone. Call you can't get away from it. And so Republicans are going to lose the impeachment. Vote in the house. The question is are there enough. Senators to stand up for for the country when they're faced with whether or not to convict or not. Yeah very well said it's thuggish. It's it's thuggish politics and we'll see if republicans want to wrap themselves around that for another year or so. David Jolly thank you so much always great to talk to you. Thank you thank you coming up I I will tell you about the biggest. Losers of Tuesday's.

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