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Won't hit ninety today. I guess it's, it's conceivable it could happen. Ben Ferguson coming up seven forty five. Joining us on the program now friend of the program, and former county Commissioner Heidi Schaefer, Heidi, thank you for joining us. How are you? I'm great him. Good morning at nether gorgeous day in the mid south, and it's the first full day of the world championship barbecue cooking contest all seems right with the world. Not everybody's too thrilled. With the Tom Lee park future proposed plans though. Yeah, I understand that Memphis in may is concerned that it made they difficult for them to have the barbecue fast there. And I really think that the barbecue fast is one to things that we should keep and treasure in this community. It's, it's a lot of fun. It's great from Memphis, and it's great for people coming into Memphis tights, absolutely terrific. What are you keeping your eye on across the county and across the region? These days. I think the big news we've got a couple of political items going on within the parties right now. One is that the Shelby county democrat party is none, too pleased with their new leader Michael Harris who I believe got elected to be chairman by one vote more than the none of the above box on their ballot. Oh my. He's been a believe stripped of his law license or or shift of his law license for five years had some financial improprieties with his clients. And so, I think the Democrats are questioned whether he's the right person to lead their party. And I think that's an appropriate question to ask. I and you mentioned a couple of things there's Michael Harrison. You mentioned both sides really in. We're talking politics. What else are we looking at then of the Michael Harris at the state legislature grand? It is chief of staff, Cade, Cadran has resigned under multiple accusations of inappropriate sex in the offices Sowell, language and using cocaine and offices. And he, he indeed should have gone. And now the question is, whether Glenn casts who apparently knew of those actions. Should remain as speaker or if he should resign? Wow. Yes. Especially if he was in the know that, that, that puts him in, in kind of a kind of a really bad position that is not a good. Look for him. Well, it's not. And, and I will quote somebody who's the wife of a former state Senator. Okay. And I'll leave it at that, but he said that being the state legislature with a lot of times like being sleep away band camp. And it was a lot of at the time. It was mostly men. It's still mostly men who got out of control when they got up to the state legislature. And that's from the time even when the Democrats were in control, I do believe the state legislature needs to keep it keep it clean. I think the Republicans have tried very hard to do that. But they need to follow through and I just don't think it's a good. Look, you know, if we say that we demand accountability from people and then don't do it when we have the opportunity. G A Hardaway, the one of the state reps me here from Memphis. In fact, I think I recall a story in the last week or weaken. Half where he had he had asked Cassidy to step down. I guess he's not gonna take him up on that offer just yet. Yes. And we need a whether he stepped down his speaker or leave his office or two different things in and I do have to say that I do think there's definitely a political bent to good. Did of this. I will just ask people to go back and look at how many of these same people were silent when mayor Harrington was in the middle of his scandals, mini-scandals or Bill Clinton was in the middle of his fans. You know, sometimes that the different political factions can be very uneven handed when it happens to their own party, but very quick to jump on, if it happens in your party, I always think the test is, what would I do? If this were my worst enemy in this position. And what would I do? But REM I best friend in this position. And if you're going to be fair, your answer, should be the same in both cases to great point Heidi Schaefer, joining us on Memphis morning news. Bill Lee IRA, state's governor. Was in town, a couple of days ago at the Peabody with here for a summit on agriculture, but also talked about in, in show becoming schools, implementing a program regarding vocational and technical training. Yes. And I think more emphasis on those things needs to happen. You remember him? There was a, a couple superintendent ago. There was a every child college band slogan going on in the schools. Yes. At the time, I'm a former teacher and even at the time I thought that was a terribly misguided statement, even though the heart, the heart of ethic was in the right place, but not every child is going to be a college student. Now, did we needs to be a college student? God gifts everyone differently and different things preparation for different the patience. And so I would love to be expanded opportunities for very good. Honorable decent work among what we would consider some of the less college e vocations, for instance, more tech has a great a great, you know, plethora of opportunities for people who don't want to go just to be a teacher, a lawyer, get an a human resources degree, and, you know, not a regular traditional four year degree that offer. Good honorable well-paying jobs. And you know, Tim to me is the we want ever. Everybody to find the work that will get their life dignity and meeting where they'll be able to support themselves. So I absolutely agree with governor Lii in this case, and it looks like many of these are actually pretty recession proof as well, which, which a lot of folks cannot say, you know, I in whatever job that they're in today that a lot of good times, or bad times, you always need a mechanic. You always need somebody that to repair the air conditioner. I mean, those are those are some great jobs, ideas, out there for sure. No doubt about that. Heidi always a pleasure to talk with. Thank you for sharing a few minutes with us on this Thursday morning, Memphis morning news. Thank you. Happy barbecue to everybody. Happy.

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