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If he doesn't take the hint from his own party zanu pf he'll be impeached later next week just another theory this time from the taxi driver in pick me up this morning it was real excitement and our driver's voice and that in a country where people have learned to be wary of speaking openly of political change too often they've hooked and been disappointed gyaincain javenese now on the argentine navy is stepping up its search in the south atlantic for a forty four cruise submarine that has been out of radio contact for three days are america's editor candace piet has been monitoring developments it loss reported its location around four hundred kilometers off argentina southern atlantic coast early on wednesday and the sub had been heading up the coast from xiyi airport on the tip of south america back to its base at the port of marred a platter but it wasn't 'til thursday that the argentine navy began to actively search and and if a submarine a vessel at this has no radio contact for three days what is the protocol if communication is lost but for example everything else is fine the navy spokesman said the training is that if a sub loses communication it should rise to the surface so the such as so far been focused on searching above and not below the c they say around half the area that where they think the sab is has now been swept and searched and they also say that they think the communications difficulties which is the main premise might have been caused by a power cut but then not discarding any other scenarios and this search it's not only the yawns entire navy getting evolved as it it quite widespread now yeah the navy says it has three ships in the area but there are seven others not just naval ships but also foreign ships are heading into the area the us southern command has also offered the us navy's newest maritime patrol aircraft which is the stateofthe art.

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