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Any please don't ask for scary noise. I'm saying we should warn the people are driving right now. That could. Yeah, off the side of the road, there's a, which in the car? Yeah, that is a really scary idea that I I'm gonna have. Good luck unseating that image. Thanks a witch, Mike car. But since you're back, we wanted to you, I guess, wanted to workshops some of your new material. That's exactly what I'm doing. Yeah. So I'm very excited about it and you are craftsmen and you craft it for the audience. Just do the same set in frigging, you know, one of these metropolitan big city in Buffalo, New York or whatever that you're going to do in charge lot. Yeah, you got to switch it up. So I think that's a really smart. I think that's really cool. Do you wanna talk a little bit about the idea of the comedy that you're doing or. I mean, I think it kind of speaks for. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. I don't want to say there's a huge like philosophical arc behind any of it is, and it's there is there is I don't want to say, I don't wanna say you want me to say that would be some of this shit, man. I just sit back. I just look at the speaker and just trip out on these ideas. Man. When I listen to some of this shit, I close my eyes and kind of hold my hands over my eyes. So it makes kind of swirling effect that I feel is the best backdrop for some of the shit that you're laying down. I actually encourage audience members to really just rub their eyes as I'm talking. Yeah. So they see like at the visual, it's like a frigging laser light show for free. I go to float downtown, get in the sensory depth. Thank and I shut off everything every sense, except my ears, and I hear the comedy and I go on this voyage into your mind. Yeah, really. Which is. An infinite universe. And how does that you bring in like a your phone? You got a sneak it in? They do. They really don't want you to have anything, and it's way louder. Because it's so contained. Yes, that's what it would be like inside your brain voice would be very loud deafening. And so you're kind of swimming around and Joe's brain is your voice your own voice, or do you do sort of a ways thing inside your brain where maybe you have something funny can choose Jack is gives you giving you the jokes, honestly, like a, it's a witches voice..

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