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The three act play bass weekly the main character played by may was a prostitute who was stuck choosing between two men one wealthy man who had no idea she was a sex worker and wanted to marry her for her looks and the other was a suitor who was a regular client of hers and wanted to marry her for who she was and what she did premiering april at daly's sixty third street theater in new york city it immediately faced a backlash of criticism from all the major papers they pan the cheap sets the poor acting and they especially despise the immoral and degenerate content the show depicted but for the majority of those in attendance show was a hit it generated sales that outperformed anything on broadway at the time and it was the only show that ran the entire summer without stop but unbeknownst to me all of this success was drawing the of the numerous religious and civic groups who feared the decency of the city was falling apart they complained to their local police as well as put pressure on the politicians who ran in their elitist circles and mixed him when the audience on a regular basis would be members of the local law enforcement as well as city officials who were busy taking secret note for the time being it was all quite hushhush for may with the newfound celebrity and a proven track record as a playwright it was time for her to pen her next creation and it was with this play that she will look to address an issue she'd seen destroy the lives of her close friends to her it was damn well time that someone bring this out of the shadows and into the light of the stage for all to see however this play was gonna come to life there was little doubt it would be controversial but sex was controversial to most said it should have never been made but here it was selling out every night so maybe just maybe people were ready to accept those they once scorned in shamed for may this was her.

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