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For coverage americans blake marcy shelton a retiree in nevada who liens on these subsidies to afford her coverage it gets to hi i'm afraid that i'm just not going to be able to afford it at all and that's terrified the congressional budget office says premiums for some could climate by up to twenty percent todd ant abc see news stay connected stay informed this is komo news komo news time eight thirty one and right now forty nine degrees art sanders top local stories from the komo twenty four seven news center security was very tight as protestors gathered outside the hyatt regency downtown bellevue demonstrating against education secretary betsy devos they were furious at her devotion to charter schools and vouchers for some children do ten private schools among the protesters was educator justin fox bailey were routed support of a privatized system public schools were all kids and that's what our state constitution requires that's what this report and we're here too this is not good for kids dug up for public education are safe president trump defended his decision to decertify the iran deal outside the white house over the next five i can do that i like it is set for us as harsh criticism from washington democratic congressman adam smith over the decision had very very bangor maine fish he had like the iran nuclear deal lifts sanctions against iran exchange for a promise the iranians won't build a nuclear weapon by these certifying it president drop opens the way for congress to reimpose those sanctions smith says the president's decision damages america's credibility with both friends and enemies if congress follows president trump lead on iran bowling could lose about eight billion dollars and orders for eighty new airplanes the seattle times reports ron has put about one hubbard and seventy million dollars down on the deal but now that president trump has decided to decertify the deal that prevents iran from developing nuclear weapons jump to congress to decide whether you again imposed sanctions against the islamic republic that would mean the orders from iran would fall through man who confessed to.

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