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S so this is kind of like the long list of paranoias. People might feel when driving, but it's just that Kylie's she shared with it. It's so likely toe happen. I almost feel like it's not even the paranoia is just so it's either like one of those freak things that will probably never happen. But you think about and you worry, maybe it could happen when you're driving. Or, you know, driving alongside a truck driving over a bridge. Things like that, In her case, it was driving anywhere near a motorcycle freaks her out What aboutyou 1 800 to 83101.5 Debra in Dayton around New Jersey, one on 1.5. Hey, guys, listen to you every day. I love it. Thank you. Thank you Appreciate it. Well, I called, uh, tagging onto Kylie's paranoia. I have a huge paranoia now for motorcycles, and it's not ridiculous. Because what caused it was I got into an accident with 10. God. How? How did it all go down? Ah, we were I was driving off in a you know, Blaine back Backroads down in like Manalapan on DH motorcycle was coming towards me in the opposite lane, and it was a turn and as he was turning, he went down on his side wiped out right in front of me. He hit he and the way the motorcycle hit my car. It hit the driver's side wheel and it caved in and crushed my leg. Oh, God, Like as he was coming towards me, I saw him going on his side. Now, if I even hear a motorcycle, I just like go right through a panic attack. Okay. How? How? How was your leg and did he get killed? But no, he didn't get killed. And the surprising thing is that They couldn't When they investigated it. They couldn't even find a helmet. And, uh the only thing I know about him was that he has a plate in his head. He did survive and my leg I have Ah, Steel Rod plate fruits. Ah! Yeah. All right. Well, you would have a good reason. You kidding? Actually Had it happened to you All right. Hey, Debra. Thanks for your call. 1 800 to 83101.5. Did you ever hear of this? I've heard of people. Who are afraid to drive with the windows down? No, because there's something flying into the car. Really? Yeah, I've heard of it. Yeah, I've heard of it. My grandmother's horrible fear. Now, this was just a passenger. She never drove a car a day in her life. How weird is that? She never once drove a car, but any time she was in a car she had to make you pull over and get gas. It did not matter if you had 4/5 of a tank. She had to have you get afraid of running out again? I don't know what happened to get stranded somewhere, said never She said. Never. I asked her one time and she died when I was a kid, But I did ask her and Ah, yes, she says. I just I don't know. I don't know. What would you do? Well, you would do what you have to do, Grandma. I mean, people run out of gas. They don't die in a susceptible. You know, I was talking to Nick in Beachwood. You're in New Jersey One a 1.5. Made in the first time caller. I'm a big fan. Thanks, Hank. Welcome. What took you so long? God, I just I have no no. Okay. I was just joking anyway. So what's Ah? What? What gets to you when you're driving? Um, I'll be on a base program like the parkway that starts like coming upon an entrance ramp. If I go if I see a car coming onto the, um major road I'm afraid of them, not starting engines into the right lane and just sites like me. Yeah, And that's one that you deal with every single day. See, that's not even a paranoia. That is a real world thing. I just not unrealistic with all the terrible mergers there are right. It's not even right now. You never had it happen, though. You never got struck that way. No, uh, we've gotten close and the guy wasn't paying attention, and my dad moved over just in time. Oh, you think that's what did it to you? You think that's when it cemented in your head? Yeah. Yeah, it was scary, especially being in the passenger seat. Yeah, Yeah. There are some jerk. Yeah, because it would've been your side. Yeah, Yeah, There's some jerks that just don't understand. You. You don't pace the car That's in the right lane. Slower or faster. What are the other? It's not that difficult, right? All right. Hey, Nick, Thanks for your call. Jeff from Great Meadows. You're on New Jersey. 1.5 guys. Uh, many time caller Welcome back. Great. Hey, Jeff, can I ask you a question? What's with all the wind? That sounds windy where you are. And sorry, demonic pontoon boat in the middle of a mountain lake in Warren County. So get the hell outta here. You're listening to this on a boat. You're living the life, aren't you, Jeff? That's awesome. But You guys are entertaining. So Yeah, I'd be happy to say you're entertaining me. Why? I'm enjoying my post. Work up, Dale. Nice. Oh, God. He's got alcohol. Wait till he's living the life dammit! I want to be I want to be you. I'm not driving, so I'm good. So of course I just I'm driving a boat. So I guess I kind of when they voted Electric motor. Very my paranoia is driving over high bridges over bodies of water like a lot like the river. Uh yeah, River pretty much. I actually will go to the extent of taking a different route. Like your Li. I goto a car show call out Pennsylvania and I actually will. Instead of taking root anyone, which is a very high bridge over the Susquehanna River, actually going into the center of Harrisburg, which is not Isis Place, break a very Whoa! Bridge. Uh, that is very close to the water. And now I have no problem with, so I literally I alter my round takes the next half hour, but I don't care. It doesn't freak me out with the first one that comes to mind is the George Washington Bridge. You ever have to take that? Well, yeah, I mean living in northern western New Jersey start certainly. But you know what I realized about my paranoid and this is probably the first level of trying to get over it. If I could see the other end of the bridge like George Washington's a straight line, you can pretty much through the other end. I can't stomach that for some reason. I don't like it, but I can handle it. The one over the Susquehanna River. I'm rude. Anyone in Harrisburg is kind of a long bridge. You really can't see the other side as you approach it. So that's when I get freaked out. What about the Driscoll Bridge? You know the guy? Okay? The one with the high very high on you know that when I used to take quite often, and that one It's very wide. At least it's very wide, right. Maybe that's why I never had a problem with that. Ah, yeah, I never really had a huge problem with that. But that is a good example. But that one Didn't freak me out. Our one more Tappan Zee. Oh, my God. That's what had honestly. That's what had my first panic attack over driving over bridges. I was driving my boss to Ah, event up in Mohegan.

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