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And the proper mix it up and lays it in ninety 993 wizards 450 left black rolling bradley beal stocks the dribble on top give supporter fires a three and heads otto porter jr called is ice there to nine point godse of the pick and roll coverage very poor to the cleveland cavaliers here that i have not seen that from this new grouping of cavaliers thompson fouled his beal came trying to fight through a screen grabbed inside the body of thompson and beal picks up his second foul with four thirty three left side out wizard sabah hundred two points on the board and the cavs after that great start during one of the first half 93 they scored at least one twenty the last four games and bound hood gives to thompson tristan thompson puts it on the deck against brahimi gives it to james pass inside tip the thompson chased out three to suit stolen by quarter the wizards border feeds in the corner makes predatory popped in and out no good and a rebound a cleveland washington chance for a maybe a little bit of an early dagger there here's jr smith wing steps back launches in and out no good milk cabs underneath a rebound importer swings defaults habit out eight thirty two thou from downtown for cleveland three fifty to go wizards looking for a huge roadway win to open up the host all star break here's bradley beal to the right elbow cuts it backed up meeks driving blocks it up as these filed eagerly got it to go and he'll go to the free throw line to shoot two with 344 left in the game nope and all that energy and intensities in focus said we saw in the first eight minutes of his gan available on jaein so engaged he had 5 assists 5 boards seven or eight points in the early going annexed stain is just lacking that energy lacking that focus for four years indices leak it's the first free throw to go now it is stark a credit washington was yeah sure the eight they matched it and they have maintained clear again john wall is travelling with the team me sitting in a a finely tailored suit to are left and watching the wizards senegal eighteen without him it has been out with a knee injury of legs it's credit scott brooks two for leaving blueberry all.

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