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Your listening to the AP digital news network bus companies such as greyhound do not have to allow US border patrol agents on board to conduct routine checks for legal immigrants and that's contrary to the company's long insistence that it has no choice to do so it's been confirmed by a customs and border protection memo obtained by the Associated Press greyhound which is the nation's largest bus company says it doesn't like agents coming on board but it's permitted them to do so claiming federal law demanded it when provided with the memo by the A. P. the company declined to say whether it would change that practice greyhounds face pressure from the American civil liberties union immigrants rights activists and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson to stop allowing sweeps on buses within a hundred miles of an international border or coastline NASCAR driver Ryan Newman's been hospitalized after a spectacular wreck in the final lap of the Daytona five hundred a piece that Jerry Jordan reports he cast a cloud over the celebration for the race winner who went back to back Landon was leading the final lap of the Daytona five hundred when his car got a shot from Ryan Blaney they sit him into the outside wall and the airborne as another car slammed into the driver side front Newman's corporate multiple times down the front stretch coming to arrest as emergency crews quickly responded he was immediately taken to Halifax health for treatment and NASCAR later released a statement that his injuries were serious but non life threatening as a crash played out Denny Hamlin drove past Blaney to win his second Daytona five hundred it is many years it's a weird balance of your excitement and happiness for yourself but obviously someone's health and their families you're bigger than any wind and in any sport Blaney finished second followed by Chris Busher in third jury Jordan Daytona beach Florida cannabis companies in Colorado are sponsoring state highways they end up putting their names on road side signs it's a loophole in the state's strict limits on marijuana advertising currently fifty one cannabis dispensaries cultivators manufactures and edible producers sponsor roadways throughout the state that's according to the adopt a highway maintenance corporation Colorado department transportation officials say the signs are not intended to.

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