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You welcome into late sedition of E._S._P._N.. N._F._C. Dan Thomas on my show as little stevie nickel hair in the studio and if that wasn't enough ladies and gentlemen shoot ropes offs as well. We'll kick things off with the after in combination as the lineup is set for the semi finals. The Madagascar Fairytale story came to an end today. Tune is three nail win. It's much closer choice. Seventeen the Ivory Coast Algeria in the end Algeria advancing to the semi drew penalties should obviously Algeria through. Do they deserve it. I think they did they've got the better creativity had scored that penalty. Just after half-time. I think the one the game quite comfortably that being a much better team throughout the throughout the tournament. They've got Mars playing somewhere near his best. He's a real threat. They've got pledged that can come on own ass when he's come on. He's is being dynamic <hes> cinnamon when he comes on he's he can change the game as well so I think certainly they deserve to go through Algeria. They were the better team against a disappointing. Every coast who throughout the tournament reflected see. I haven't really had enough support to the food food. Culture czar has been really great. It was probably the best attacking player but Ivory Coast haven't been good enough economy. We saw David against Algeria. Ivory Coast would up their game but they just didn't reach that potential that Stuart mentioned. I think I'll Virginia are a better team union and I think that's why the laser people Myers and regularly can then choose what they've got but I would of course completely disappoint Cattolica a bunch of guys together they were doing their own thing and didn't have that team ethic that certainly algae and so when you compare these two and the big names in the adjustments for each Algeria's big name players who stepped up and you look for the for the likes of <hes> Buni and and the others who've been disappointing all tournament along in all honesty but but nobody presented for five recourse and as a result the go crushing on the night deservingly sue so we've got Algeria fro but in the other Game Madagascar out for those. Maybe you have followed this story particularly closely Robbo. Just tell it's even you'll stone cold Har Leno you just about just about I mean they've I've never qualified for the tournament of any so <hes> their most of their players from the French third and fourth division the manager isn't even a manager of Saudis a technical director of a full division side in France <hes> but throughout the tournament I think that being the best team closing down played with an intensity that some of the biggest things haven't played with when they've won the ball back that played little triangles well enough to get time to get players forward. They've counter-attacked pace. They've been magnificent to watch and they look as though they've been the best coat side the tune. When of course they were tired today? It was always going to happen. We always felt that after the extra time in the last game but they have been a credit to the coach there'd been a credit to each other and it's been a fantastic story. They've been magnificent from start to finish while they shoot Robson trademark trademark magnificent look ahead to the semi finals. Shall we go out Jerry against Nigeria. No doubt the headliner Yeah Nigeria did well to get into this semifinal. They played well yesterday today. Algiere I still think of the side of bitter form at the right time they haven't conceded one goal in the tournament and they're good defensively and Stevie said then the likes of Mars to gone the dominant players for Guli go on create as they can do. Nigeria nine need a better performance out of a Gallo Upfront. They need Alex at his very best plan. Just in behind ways scored the goal. He's an excellent play down the right hand side. A Muslim need more from if those four players can play well all at the same time Nigeria have John's. It's still going for Algeria Algeria to make it through from that semi final..

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