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So the New York Times reports that Horowitz his findings the inspector general could once again up end, the Justice department, and the FBI the highly anticipated of the results of the Russia inquiry do next week, but by may or June. We're going to know about the background of the Russia investigation. Self Republicans have long accused law enforcement officials of improperly obtaining the page warrants because the application relied in part on the Steele dossier at issue is one of the FBI and Justice department made any misrepresentation to the court when seeking the warrant or if they should have flagged explicitly any concerns about the credibility of the information in the application during their news. This has been the accusation. Representative Devin Nunes from California, he has suggested that the FBI and the DOJ downplayed the facts that apple research was used to garner visable vice lords against page, and they did that. Typically because they didn't care about the rules and procedures. They just wanted to get somebody in from orbit. If the inspector general finds fall at the FBI, it could help validate Republican accusations that the Russia investigation was politically motivated from the outset as you know, I've been skeptical of that entire line of inquiry. I've been skeptical that the FBI initiated this investigation knowing full well that it was mostly crap. That I I've been skeptical, but I'm open to new evidence. If something changes there, I'm more than happy to change my opinion about all of that my opinion is there are bad actors at the top of the FBI who were in fact, politically manipulating the direction of the investigation and the confirmation by his meant that they were willing to go along with activities that skirted the edge of the acceptable. Trump's allies introduce the inquiry of the problematic Steele dossier, the bureau opened the counterintelligence investigation into Russia's election meddling based on other information without the dossier. And this is where the New York Times saying it's not about the seal dossier about George popadopoulos. We will find out whether that is true or whether the investigation of ballooned outward after the original note about popadopoulos, the New York Times already attempting to play preemptive defense here, they say the page wiretap was only a small part of the broader Trump Russia investigation which included more than twenty eight hundred subpoenas five hundred search warrants five hundred witness interviews. Boy, one forcement officials were also granted three renewals of the wiretap from the surveillance court Horowitz scrutinizing the FBI's relationship with steel now Horwitz did a good job with the Hillary Clinton investigation. We'll see if he does similarly good job at thorough job. With regard to the Russia investigation. Asked whether he would have signed off on submitting the application of it did not contain the allegation in the Steele dossier about pages phone calls. The James Baker who's general counsel for the FBI. Call the allegation about pages visit to Moscow in two thousand sixteen an important part of the factual case for surveillance. In other words, maybe there's no Pfizer surveillance warrant four Carter page in the absence of the Steele dossier. Baker said, I'm not going to sit here and say, there wouldn't have been probably caused or the would have been probably caused without the dossier. But there are other things in the application that were alarming as well. So we'll see how all of this plays out already in just a second. We are going to be joined by Jared cone is the author of the bestselling new book about accidental presidents presidency sort of became president by accident. Kinda fascinating stuff. We'll talk with him about that in a second. I when President Trump says that America's not going to be a socialist country. He couldn't be more. Right. And that's why it's so troubling that a proposal from the department of health and human services would actually move us in a more top down at nationalized direction. The international drug pricing index ended up socialist price controls set by foreign countries today. Americans get access to cutting edge therapies for diseases like cancer, nearly two years before their countries, which is one of the reasons why the five year cancer survival rate in the United States is so high and the future holds incredible promise for fighting diseases like Alzheimer's and MS. There's a reason that a majority of medical patents happened in the United States..

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