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That's my point guard and I'm going to give him Steph Curry's jump shot. Or even Mark prices jump shot. Listen, I've never played poor guy in my life until I was a rookie year in the NBA. And if that ain't the heart of just get thrown into, you know, especially when you have a Scottie Pippen in the chemo one and a Charles Barkley, man, you know, you had to limit your mistakes. I didn't really have to do much, right? I just control what I can control. You know, I was topping assist attorney ratio. And then when you have those guys like that that are so good, you know, you don't have to play with the ball this much, right? Hopefully y'all don't get stripped. And then, you know, you pass it inside and go to a corner. So that was my rookie year. I made all rookie team doing that. But I credit a lot of that to my rookie year preparation of playing a point, or just, you know, being a basketball player period. But actually playing the point was to Alvin Williams who played footballing over and then he played for Portland in Toronto. So he helped me with a lot of my point guard skills growing up because album was always a point guard. So he was, you know, the smart point guard to get everybody involved. And I think for me, being in my rookie year, I just wanted to be on the floor. So the coach told me, you know, you got to pick up trash, you know, after games, then that's what I had to do. So that was my thing. I encourage children, younger kids, whatever the position is in any sport that controls the game. The playmaker, I think you should learn that one first. Because see when you once you learn that when I think the whole perspective perspective of the whole spectrum of the game opens up, right? So when boxing, of course, you're your own point guard, right? But in football, I was a quarterback, right? And then I moved to wide receiver, but then back to quarterback. But it shows me, you know, my old line, in my back, my back feel my receiver's slots, you know, post oh my guys. I know exactly what I know my def I know what the defense is going to do to us. So I'm understanding the game from a bigger perspective than a three or a four or a 5 man, or two, even a two guy, right? They just learned in their positions. So it's for us as point guards to get everybody in their position because he would the coach usually does is a culture say, yo, listen, cat. Listen, we're going to run this play and then we're going to run this play. Then we're going to run this place. So you got to remember three plays. And if you score rookie year and Rudy tomjanovich was like this, if you scroll on that play, run it again. Keep running it. And then don't look over here no more. If you don't score, run the next play. So now I got to maybe four or 5 plays down down the line. I have to remember the next play, and then put everybody in a position. Now I got to figure out, okay, the key mics it over here, this person likes it over there. They were hot over here. I'm becoming a little more strategic of how I, you know, enter the game mentally, right? So can I get Corey maguette, the ball early so he can get us into bonus early as a team because myself saying pacelle and Elton brand attacks the rim. So if Cory gets us in the bonus early, it kind of we dictate the game. It's like just different things like that. So, you know, I advise any younger person to learn the point where I position just for that perspective, right? It's just like, you know, I'm a single dad. So I have my own household. So you're not cooking in the cleaning and it is and the kids in the packing and lunches and I got to do it. You know, and as much as you want, you know, the family, 'cause the mother doesn't make some job as well. But you know, as much as, you know, you can't depend on someone else to do something because then when they're out there, what do I do? It's like, yo, turn the channel for me. And then they go and you're like, I don't even know how to work the remote. It's like, I need to learn how to do all this myself. So I think that perspective is being the point guard in life, right? And you don't really have to really control it, but just understand it. So when those people are not there, then your leadership skills starts to kick in. You know, when Steve came in, you know, he was phenomenal to me. It's a lot of people. You know, he's super explosive. I mean, he was the only guard that I saw on a nightly basis that would get ten, 12, 15 boards. And this is at a time where barren and Steve were the shorter guards and the league and we, at that time, in the early 2000s, at that time, the league was predominantly 7 footers. So you was an inside out game. And these guys are going in the attack and the Jermaine O'Neill's in the rashi Wallace's and the Tim Duncan's list goes on Lonzo mornings. It didn't matter. And to see Steve every single day. Regardless of hemoglobin being an older or Charles Barkley or Calvin kato was younger at the time, practice was even amazing. And he kind of taught me how to attack the rim because I picked up a ball at 13. I wasn't even the basketball player. I was a boxer and football player. So in playing basketball, you know, what guys better than you, I think that's what helped me elevate watching Steve crashed the boards on offense and dunking it over big guys. I think I can do that too. So I think that's what helped me with Steve was to use my athleticism to the best of my ability. We had a really good squad as well. I mean, Steve was at the one I was in two. Jimmy Jackson was at the three, who's amazing, you know, all around player. And then Calvin and Yao Ming. So we had a really great squad and we had guys coming off the bench, but you know, just to see that team, what Gary Payton, you know, who's one of the best point guards ever. And then you have Kobe Bryant, who's arguably the best you guard ever, you know, and then you have Rick Fox who's one of the best role players in Derek Fisher's coming off the bench and then Carl Malone, one of the best power forwards,

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