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She's not Asuka said the slender brick. Curiously Justice illegal. He turned towards the brute finish. The job, and let's get out of you. Silly girl. Jill thought grandpa, Jack had said that to maybe they were both, right. She was lying on the ground struggling even to breathe Jill. It was specs in her ear. You need to get up, please Jill. You need to get up. How long had he been talking? Jill shook her head, the big brick loomed over her now, a black bag. In one hand, Jill, I know you've got a lot on your mind, but I need you to move Jill. You gotta move the giants swiped at her, but she flinched away. He grunted and hit her again this time on the guy. Luckily she had some armor plating there and it didn't hurt nearly as bad as the first blow still, it's sent her spinning across the floor, crushing into shark skin and knocking them both over, come on kid with spurred shark skin. Is they untangled calling gramps already. He's the only one who. Stop these goons. Grandpa's dead. Jill, whispered back as she said it. She realized it was the first time she had admitted it out loud. She had cried to herself and told specs the story, but this felt different felt real something gave way inside her, tearing free, like a scab, all the hurt and pain. All the sadness that had been filling her body like trash in a barrel. It was suddenly too much. If you have gramps is dead that, so we whispered shark skin. The big brick grabbed her by the collar and threw her across the room. Again, this time, Jill barely felt it. It was all too much come on. Jill said, specs, think of your mom. Mom, if there was no firefly who would save her Jill couldn't think of anyone else. She suddenly realized that if she didn't find some fight in herself soon, her mom might not get rescued at all. I know I'm too angry grandpa. She thought, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry for what happened, but I needed to save those people. And now I need to save mom and myself. It may not be what you want me to do, but it is what you would have done. I love you. Grandpa. She said aloud, and somehow she was sure he heard it finish are already said the slender brick board tears welled in her eyes. And she felt that matchstick flare of anger. Scarlet king had taken her mom had sent goons to kidnap her or worse, didn't. He know that Jill was strong like her mother didn't. He know Jill was brilliant like her father didn't. He know Jill was wild, like her old grandpa, Jack, she pushed herself up from the dusty floor staggering to her feet and wiping a spot of blood from the corner of her mouth wild and dangerous that. Two. All right. Then she said, looking from one brick to the other and raising her hands, who's I? The giant brick roared spit flying from his craggy lips. Come on Jill roared back, ripping away her sweater and revealing pieces of the firefly armor wired along her black flight suit. The thruster was broken, but parts were still functional. Jill had assembled them on a lattice of metal bands, and she looked like half a skeleton in gleaming platinum firefly. She bellowed and around her like the inexorable gears of a ticking clock, like a flower blooming in fast motion the skeleton flare to life. To be continued. Today story chapters two and three of the brilliant firefly revolt was an original story written for you by Daniel Hynes and perform for you. Buy me Amanda. Weldon stay tuned for more firefly next week. If you would like to support stories podcast and receive a thank you and a future episode, please visit patriot dot com slash stories and make a pledge, then send an Email to Amanda at stories podcast dot com and let us know who to thank and if you haven't already, please be sure to subscribe and give us a five star rating on itunes. Thanks for listening.

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