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We're going to be in good shape. So I think with Michael deeter we can kinda cross out one of those guard positions right away. Moving onto the next thought it was a little bit of a region, the fifth round here with Andrew van gingko from Wisconsin other Wisconsin guy there so back to back Wisconsin picks. I had him ranked in this is kind of sad laugh at this is related fifty ninth. Overall, forty third in his position Adam as undrafted free agents. Here's why. This board is only based on twenty eighteen and not the year before the all the other years in college football been Inca played elites almost elites in twenty eighteen. Twenty seventeen sorry about that. And then he got hurt and twenty eight so he wasn't able to play to his full potential people. I've talked to trust say that he was a monster around the all over the place. Vic diffrential minus fifty what shows it was a reach outs. Did you have anything to add based on your studies of the Inca on what you've read along the way young saying pretend Noah banking collision new the player of leading up to the draft. Would it seems like the dolphins? God here's a player that can add depth to vision that desperately need, you know, the the requires the drone Baker Kiko Alonzo for a little bit longer. But you got a guy here. Like, you said he plays this heroine. Fire had a pretty good year last year. It looks like in two seasons in Wisconsin twelve total sacks. I mean when you book prime Flora's defense on tape when you look at that New England style defense you need a linebacker that can blitz. I'm not quite sure the dolphins have that currently on the roster C C guy like. Of gingko seed in the tape. You see him being pretty darn good again to the quarterback. I think he's going to be peace. I think he's going to have a chance to you know, go out there and make an impact. I don't think he's going to be a starter. He definitely won't be start right away. But I think it's added death. I think he goes out there. And does what he needs to do special teams. This is a guy that could cover over the next few years in NBN asset, especially in those blitzing situations. I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion. But I think his closest competition on the team Quinton polling someone that we got to interview last year for a stash on the practice squad. But van Kinkel's a little bit Toller, but in terms of measurable at the combine. Production and college and kind of skill set wise while we're looking for I think those are the two kind of comparable pieces there. So I don't know if both players making the Rosser or competing for the same type of niche spot on the roster will find that out. Someone he could possibly replace in the near future Kiko Alonso any kind of defenses dolphins team place on. That's another discussion for another day. Once we find out what loving and kind of how skewing these guys over the field. I would think we're going to be playing two linebackers Mosa time ky-ko's going to have a contract we can get out of next year. So right anyway from Joyce's Ahah prince house, the offense attack from Ohio State and other power conference near another team has played on a big stage. I had him as a late fifth round grade. Miami got him in the mid six rounds. So that is a good pick their ninety four point five of wrench. That's positive ninety four point five had one ninety seven overall was picked to June eighteenth, his position your thoughts on is Ahah prince helps you think he can be a starter on day one. They won't don't think. So..

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