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Gearing the other owner the beer guy behind Walnut River brewing in any successful entrepreneur adventure when you look at it has this it's kind of like the entrepreneur operating system where they have the visionary and the integrator relationship and <hes> the seems like the perfect match to me B._J.. Seems like the perfect operator. He's got a little bit of visionary in Him as well. He's got entrepreneurship in his blood blood for sure but he's the operator he's the integrator piece of this partnership and you can tell he's been a successful and everything the does he enjoys the challenges in the skills to conduct business. He loves dealing with regulatory agencies skilled at overseeing the brewing industry he brings extensive marketing customer relations experience to the mix and a lot of sales know-how and rick who's not on this show but his partner is the brew Master Right and he's the science guy behind the brew and always had a vision of having this unique brewery in the Kansas area in Eldorado where the river the water is unique up there so it's it's a it's a fun story and I really enjoyed sitting down with with B._J.. On you heard me say many times on this show and learned to come to learn over the last six and a half years doing this show that talent doesn't drive success too often when we look at businesses when look at ourselves individuals we put so much emphasis on the product thinking of products good everything all the place same thing with us as individuals. If we think were talented in some aspect we're going to be successful and you've heard me say many times on this show that the talent part is a given. You've got to be good at something in B._J.. Completely completely understand that and Walnut River brewing gets that in there <hes> in their business the product has to be good. That's the given that's the baseline and because that is the baseline in what they strive where every day then they can focus us on the other aspects of the business and in leadership that makes the business and the themselves as individuals sustainable in the long haul B._J.. Understands what it means to play the long game and you'll get that from this conversation that is my takeaway from talking with him. He is is one of those guys that's very modest and humble. He's he has a humble teachable spirit <hes> but he also has this intensity about him <hes> that he wants to we've talked about this all the time. Show him wants to make the campsite better than he found it and in every aspect of his life from his family <hes> to his friends into the business into the community is whole I really enjoy talking with him. I look forward to staying in touch with him over the years and I really think you're gonNA enjoy talking and listening to B._J.. Hey Hunt okay..

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