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It's going to change i'm old i've seen the neighborhoods go up but of seeing the neighborhoods good down i've seen them tear down the houses in the neighborhoods the good down because their neighborhood became so popular that the junkie old houses had to go and they put new houses on the old lots i've seen it come and go come and go come and go come and go and arm we don't buy typically that many different homes in our lifetimes most of us but it's okay your blink and ten years has gone by an you're going to be fine get in the house in the right order when you're out of that you have your emergency funding and place and you saved a good strong downpayment and never by more than a fifteen year fixed rate mortgage where the payment is more than a fourth of your take on pain lisa just got house fever that's all of this keto take a cold shower finish it up do it right don't get yourself in a mass because you get the bug christie is was christie's in chattanooga our you christie added how you doing better than i deserve what's up all numbered in a quandary arm shrink started ler moon on about heavy wrap it up to forty five thousand dollars for longer hung and right now are left on my arcane law are however how a mortgage on and 8020 phnom mortgage we'll be back in two thousand happen i converted the eighty percent to fifteen year maybe five year you know and object converted this twenty percent and home equity calm because they entry stress how high get lower interest good car color healthy where personal interests don't our hearts much is the loom on the homework would alone about twenty six thousand um an appointment as eight then what is your household income it's about seventy and now for him around 50000 an saving you do have debts on because it's scares me control out of money from shaping hamas stra injured write a check you make seventy thousand dollars year aroma you would you could write a check for toys excels in in for eight thousand which will be thirty four thousand which would leave you sixteen thousand dollars in the bank then you'd be have zero payments at all.

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