John Gotti, John Gleeson, Mike Flynn discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


It was murder and rock hearing evening this time. The wiseguy smirk disappeared. John Gotti the Modern Godfather the so-called Teflon Don. He always escaped the big convictions in the past. But not today. Guilty of murder and racketeering counts and L. Facing a longtime jail in a courtroom Gotti sat and heard the four lady of an anonymous jury say guilty got and co-defendant were charged with being boss and underboss of the Gambino crime. Family the best evidence that mob boss from his own mouth over. Fbi bugs tonight. Conviction of John Gotti nineteen eighty. Two was a huge deal. Obviously National News but one of the biggest moments in American law enforcement history when it comes to organized crime the New York. Times called it a scintillating triumph for a team of federal prosecutors who shattered the maddening aura of invincibility of a notorious gangster. The Time said quote the prosecutions most visible member was thirty eight year old. John Gleeson who presented the evidence with a calm? Excuse me a calm. Professorial air ignoring Mister Gatti's arm swinging bravado and violent glares with his boyish appearance dark wavy hair horn rimmed glasses and ernest voice. Gleason seemed to enhance the sincere image James Stewart Character. Perhaps upholding truth against them up. After six weeks prosecutor. John Gleeson began by trying to dilute whatever affect the aura of God's mob boss image might have had on the jury he said this is not a media event. This is not a movie it is not about a movie star. It's not a stage. It's a trial in an American. Courtroom gleason went on to read from the transcripts of FBI bugs that detailed the murders an evidence that Gotti was the boss of the Gambino crime family. John gleason the prosecutor who finally got John Gotti would go on to serve as a federal judge in the Eastern District of New York. He retired as a judge in two thousand sixteen this week. He surfaced again in the news when he wrote an OP. Ed Weighing in on the Justice Department's Bazaar an absolutely unprecedented decision this past week to simply drop the prosecution of trump national security advisor. Mike Flynn despite the fact that Justice Department prosecutors already secured a guilty plea from Mr Flynn. Multiple Times retired. Judge John Gleeson wrote about that this week. That the department's handling of the Flynn case quote reeks of improper political influence. Well two days after wrote that in the Washington Post the judge overseeing the Mike Flynn case made an extraordinary decision of his own to appoint John. Gleeson the prosecutor from the John Gotti trial to appoint John. Gleeson not retired judge to essentially argue against the Justice Department's decision to drop the case against Flynn and of course the politics around this could not be more transparent right. President trump now says on a daily basis that that President Obama and Joe Biden are guilty of a deep state criminal plot to do something to Mike Flynn and to do something to president trump. The president is making clear that he wants them locked up just like he wanted. Hillary Clinton locked up for years ago. He wants to imprison his immediate predecessor as president he wants to imprison the person he ran against for president in two thousand sixteen and he wants to imprison the person. He's going to run against for president this year in two thousand twenty. What's new now? Is that the Justice. Department is helmed by Bill Bar and so nobody knows if the Justice Department might actually try to do that. The president's tax calling on the imprisonment of Obama and Biden this week followed the release of audio of former President Obama speaking at a private event with members of his administration in which President Obama warned of the Justice Department's intervention to drop this case involving Mike. Flynn that's the kind of stuff where you you begin to get worried. The basic not essential more but our basic understanding of a rule of law is is is is at risk and.

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