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About these early dismissals that are happening today with the weather making its way into the DNB this afternoon, everything that you need to know, we will inform you of wash dot com slash snow. So welcome to Tuesday morning yesterday before we left work. We all got an Email from our engineering department saying that the elevators were closed. Okay. And that we would have to take the stairs till further notice. All four of them. All yeah. The entire building. We are on the sixth floor of the building to get to the garage where most of his park we're talking eight flights of stairs. Okay. And since we already were here, we knew that the very least we were gonna have to take the series down eight flights when left so producer Kayla. And I laughed and I was wearing of course of all days high heels, and I'm not a fan of going down steps and heels for some reason. I would always throws me off more than going up steps. Good ankle workout though. So we believe in about I don't know. I get home and maybe five or ten minutes later. I see Toby post something on social media. Toby, what don't you tell the class? What it is that you posted for everyone to see accept your teammates. When should have told us before first of all, I know your still here. I would have said something. I had a lunch meeting downtown in DC. So I'm scooting out of the building. And as I'm walking over to the stairway. I'm like, wait a minute. These aren't the only four elevators in the building. There's a service elevator. Right. And it takes you down to the loading dock, and then you can walk down a floor. Lisa bayden. You knew the service elevator was here. Right. Ramos stare person. Right. Takes the stairs. She doesn't she doesn't care, but you know, producer Kaylynn securely you knew there was a service elevator in the. Cassim left. Exactly. And we were both kind of bemoaning a little bit. Like, oh my goodness. Tomorrow morning. We're going to have to go up these. So I'm gonna wear better shoes. I said, oh, no, no. But you all the way down. And didn't even bother to. The rest of the. Already. You didn't know that? So you you guys. Here. Oh, and by the way, I put my adventure down the elevator on Instagram. Bouba Toby chilly page at wash FM dot com posted that Instagram there. So that people would know that hey, there is an elevator in this building. And you don't have to take the stairs. There's always another way. What is it? Married. Couple teach you they teach you to know your exits say teach you to share such Intel with thoughts you worked here for a minute. You knew that there was an service. It's a great video workout to truth be told I got my steps in literally yesterday. Remember, just like Tom Sawyer Todd is back in the day smarter. Not harder. That's right. No. You're exits. And know that some people won't share. I thought y'all knew I'm sorry. I was on my way on I had to get to a lunch, by the way. You can't see that video from Instagram that's on.

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