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And we do have some clouds expected for tonight with some patchy fog overnight in the inland. Valley. Slows will be in the forties Samsung fifties as well. Tomorrow should be a cloudy day with highs in the sixties to low seventies and pretty much the same for Tuesday. Chance of showers in the forecast starting on Wednesday, traffic and weather together on the eight some one zero six nine AM seven forty KCBS. KCBS news time for ten as her Newswatch continues wanna PG knees. Toughest critics is now cutting the utility some slack KCBS. Scotla Terry reports peninsula state Senator Jerry hill in part disagrees with the judge's ruling. The judge has ordered the utility to start cleanup and restructuring of some one hundred and twenty five thousand miles of poles wires and transformers. Within six months to mitigate fire danger, Senator Jerry hill who has led the charge against the since the two thousand ten San Bruno pipeline explosion says, that's not doable. But with the utility can do is follow the lead of San Diego gas and electric after devastating fires down south nearly twelve years ago. They learned after their big fires of two thousand and seven the witch fire. They learn what they had to do de energizes system. Turn the power off. Now, that's an inconvenience for a lot of people. But it also saves lives at the end of the day. So they can DNA drives every closure policies PG. He has ignored those historically in. Although PG may file for bankruptcy hill is resigned to the fact that utility bills may go up again, it's going to cost us a lot more. I don't know how much per month. We're going to have to pay appeared this morning on KPI x five Scotla, Terry KCBS. KCBS news time.

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