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Of you already know mark driscoll. If he don't let me see what it says. oh yes. He's the founding senior pastor of the trinity church in scottsdale arizona but he has debated deepak chopra on abc's nightline. He's discussed marriage with barbara. Walters on the view all kinds of ugly stuff. Like that mark driscoll. Welcome to the program. Good to have anybody good to see. Thanks for having me on. It's good to see you. It's good to see you always but honestly you've written a book. The reason you're here today is to talk about. I'm holding in my hand. It's called christian. Theology versus critical theory. A lot of people are at least confused about this new thing. You keep hearing about critical race there. You might theory my thesis. I should say is that anytime. Somebody comes up with a new thing like that. I'm deeply suspicious because they act as though everything you've heard up until now is wrong. Here take this and i think why. What are you saying to me so we were hoping we could get somebody on the program to discuss it. And we found you so mark driscoll thank you. Thanks for writing this. Is this brand new. Yeah and so. It's krista theology versus critical theory. It's free it real faith dot com. I've got a mountain a bible teaching there. I tend to teach through books of the bible. I've been a pastor for twenty five years. I didn't go through a publisher. 'cause i know it would get attacked and cancelled. I didn't put endorsements on it because then all they do is just shoot. Ariza your friends. So i'm just giving away. I think that the greatest threat to christian theology right now is critical theory. I believe it's the counterfeit i believe. It seeks to undo anything that looks like traditional western values. Marriage family sexuality critical race theory is a part of that but it's much much much bigger issue. Critical theory includes gender. Studies ribbon seeing it now with mask. No mask vaccine. No vaccine almost every single cultural collision that we're having is up against critical

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