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Really know you know will team signed him this season I agree. And of course there are far more important things here than whether any one individual plays football, but I do think it would be a signal of something so much larger if he were to get signed. We'll see if it does wind up happening. I want to play something that Nick said yesterday. Our friend Dominic Foxworth was here talking about why in his view, the owners of the NFL teams should just do. What's right when it comes to player protests. Here's what he said. Like. How much money do need to be free? How much leverage and flexibility you need to stand up for what's right like? They have no bosses. There's no one who can do anything with them. They are billionaires. Do what's right because it's right, not because you're trying to make a buck, you don't need anymore. Your House can't get any bigger. You don't need another plane or helicopter yacht like be free. Be Honest and be truthful in his moment dough. Come on and. And say it because you think is right, or because you think it's going to sell tickets or appease your players. Say it because you have the luxury to be able to say and do the things that are important in this moment. Because can't nobody do nothing to you? They can take things for me could take things from your employees. They can't take nothing from you. Be Honest and be true to who you are and be true to what you believe in. I thought that was fascinating, and we have seen during this period of time. A lot of people come to view issues differently. Perhaps we saw that and drew brees certainly last weekend. Maybe other so Jeff, you've dealt with the NFL owners a lot in negotiating and things like that. Do you anticipate that they will see things differently than they did three and four years ago? Do you think there will be a different stance from the NFL owners when it comes to players a peacefully protesting during the national anthem? Well first of all love Fox I mean. That's my guy anyway, so so I love how he phrases things just that the attitude that he comes you with it man I mean you know I? I love him so I would say this. You know as I look at my life. My life has been one that has been directly affected affected in a positive manner from strong black leadership, starting with my high school football coach Ron Gartrell coaches in college. College when I acting a fool Jeff Mad dog mad, he'd get me straight away. Tony Dungy Jim call welcome name, a dozen, and obviously my relationships in locker rooms. Even my faith journey has been greatly impacted by by black men, and so as I look at my life, my life is better because of these relationships and I you know a guy from my church, and African American said this weekend. You know relationships are what help resolve really. If, you're an owner of a national football team, your relationships in the locker room should matter right like we should feel the pain bit men that we trust that we love that we care about are going through, and so when they're when they are are are crying out for change and what needs to be. Men need to step up and say hey, what can I do, listen? Maybe you don't know. Maybe you haven't had those experiences, but. But now is a great time to not just listen to at the to make this country a better place to live in to to make the change that you know as fossil in the knicks point. You don't have anything to lose. Step up where you can help help where men that you know in our who are applying for your football team. You hear their cries. You understand you may not have ever experienced. I'm no I have not. I love those men and I'll walk with them. When they asked me to an interesting way to look at that, I think it was worth pointing out. From what I know I don't know that there are many NFL owners who have closer relationships with their players and Jerry Jones does in Dallas, and yet he was maybe the most vocal when this was going on several years ago in opposition to the protests, so so cliff I'll ask you a player who did take part in those? What did you hear from? From the the ownership there in Seattle and when you were playing very Paul Allen and perhaps any other NFL owners that you may have encountered. Well you know the great thing about being here Seattle one of the few teams during the protests. Coach Gerald Paul Allen both of those guys. They didn't push back when it came down. Guys protest as you can see. A lot of us sat down during the pro to protest, and there wasn't any pushback. We had meetings in the locker room or in a team meetings. Where we bring different activists in, so they can learn as well right because it was more than football to those guys I think that was really really cool to see I. Mean you listen to Coast? Carol some of his messages. He understood the message that I think that's the. The biggest piece he never, he never thought it was about the flag. He always knew and understood the and I think that's the point that we need to push is the message is about up up? Police, brutality and equality different things like that that guys are fighting for and I. Think our Locker Room. One of the few we were able to capitalize that as far as be able to protest and bill make sure we are heard, and they had no issues with that, but I'll give you the final word here. What are your final thoughts? Green I. Truly believe that what we deal with inside the locker room is just a microcosm of what real-life is. Let's just take the drew brees incident that happened last week in removed the name drew brees, and here you have one of the richest players in the NFL who was inside of his bubble in his bubble. Simply his life was perfect, his life with great, and he had a belief that was selfish that him based on his. His grandparents and how he grew up in that's how he viewed light, and allowed him to make the statements that he made now magnified that.

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