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Welcome to the Todd starring show sponsored by legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals, visit legacy p.m. investments dot com. That's legacy p.m. investments dot com. Life from the Liberty University studio in Memphis, Tennessee. It's America's favorite gun toting Bible clinging to floral American. I love this American ride ton stars. Come too far from where we started. Nobody told me the road would be easy. I don't believe he brought me this far to leave me. Folks. Folks. I don't think the good lord wanted us anymore this morning delivers behind. We just have to remember. We just have to remember who we are for the United States of America. There's nothing beyond our capacity. Hallelujah. So happy black history month, a job bless you all, and enjoy the reception which starts after the next performers that I'm about to it's about to be announced. She's alert. He just kind of, he just kind of ended on a weird note there, didn't he? Hello, everybody. Welcome to the touch turns radio program. Happy black history month to you America. Yeah, Joe Biden hollering and wishing everybody a black history month at The White House, pulled one of those Hillary Clinton when she gets into that black preacher at mode. Oh Hillary. Anyway, Biden, by the way, made a startling revelation. Cut number 12. And by the way, you know, I'm not, I may be white boy, but I'm not stupid. I know where the power is. I know where you think I'm joking. I learned a long time ago about the divine 9. There you go. Interesting fact here, ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden is both white and stupid, so there you go. Welcome to the Todd starnes radio program. Hope you're doing well today, man. Do we have a lot going on? We're going to be checking in with our friend senator markwayne mullin a little bit later on today from the beautiful state of Oklahoma. Also pastor Jack hibbs is going to be here. Man is the cancel culture crowd coming after him. It excuse me for the little. All right, cut number two. Metro dining here, I got a question for you ready? All right. 2024. Who's pumped up for the election? Rapid fire. Who's your man who's your woman? My man, Donald Trump. Donald Trump, Christie. Pretty say no. Who's your man? A woman. Trump. You're a lot of Trump fans. How about Trump and Nicky Haley? And Nikki Haley. Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. So far, a lot of Donald Trump, I see that I see governor desantis. And what about president descent? I like it. I like it. Who's your pick? Oh gosh, I don't know. I'm either or. You're right in the middle. Yes, sir. Would you pumped up for it? I am super proud. I feel like we need a little bit of a break from election election. This goes from one to the other, but it's getting exciting. We know Nikki Haley's in. We know Vivek, ramen Swami is in. And we also know that it looks like Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo. And so many others are poised to jump in, including governor Ron DeSantis who's book is out today..

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