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I know how hard it's been for me, so I can't imagine how hard it's been for the young men that are waiting to get back and playing the game they love Thunderbirds general manager Bill A Forge has stayed in touch with the teenage players. Most of them Canadians restricted from non essential travel back to the United States. LaForge tells me, the club has learned plenty about coronavirus safety, watching other sports compete. Our big focus is just making sure the players come in here healthy. Like I said, there's lots of testing in place to make sure that You know, we have a clean slate starting season with, but these air also young men who lived with village families in South King County. Most of our players now are online schooling anyway, so they We'll continue to do that. You know whether it's zoo rancor out there bill. It'll still continue their programs with guidance from Washington State Health Department. The Western Hockey League will permit 24 game season U. S Division. That means no week long bus rides to the Canadian prairie. Instead, it will be quick trips to Everett Spokane Tri cities in Portland. We're going to try and do is much over him back as we can. Limit any hotels with return of junior hockey and the NHL Seattle crack and dropping the puck in 2020 to build a forge believes interest in the sport is ramping up at the right time. I truly believe that I mean, I have a daughter that plays that smoking and You know, I know how excited the young kids there are four for the NHL. And you know the NHL coming us returning. Um, you know, the interesting off he's going to be at an all time high and It's Ah, It's a great game so well. We'll do our best to promote it. And, you know, put a trying to get light on it For sure. I'm Bill Swartz. Come on. Here's your money at 20 and 50 past the hour on Comeau News sponsored by Propel Insurance, with investors, betting that more fiscal stimulus is likely on the way. The Dow Jones industrials notched another fresh closing high today. The blue chip in next moved up. 63 points to 5 31,022. But the S and P 500 slip two points and the NASDAQ composite fell. 48 automakers are continuing to roll out new electric vehicle models among the latest, the new Chevrolet Bolt compact SUV unveiled over the weekend. GM says the new bolt electric utility vehicle will go on sale this summer as a 2022 model and comes with an estimated per charge range of 250 miles. It's your money now. Here are your political insights from ABC News. Former President Trump is out with a scathing rebuke of Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, calling him a political hack and saying the Republican Party cannot be respected with McConnell at the helm. Trump statement comes after McConnell voted to acquit the former president for inciting the capital insurrection, but blasted him minutes later on the Senate floor. President Trump's actions Preceded the riot. Or a disgraceful Disgraceful. Our election. Beauty. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says President Biden would support an effort to create a 9 11 type independent commission to investigate the Capitol attack. He backs efforts to shed additional Light on the fax to ensure something like that never happens again, and the White House extended a moratorium on foreclosures of federally backed mortgages until June 30th to help homeowners struggling during the pandemic. Those are your political insights. I'm Elizabeth Halsey. ABC News President Joe Biden wants to see is nearly $2 trillion covert relief plan get through Congress as soon as possible, So he's making a pitch directly to the American people, hoping that will put pressure on those in Congress that are hesitating years. ABC senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce. The bill extends unemployment benefits provides $160 billion for vaccinations and testing. Help for small businesses and would give lower income Americans of $1400 check. Republicans in Congress say Biden's plan is just too expensive. But the White House is pointing to polls showing it has widespread support, including from a significant chunk of Republican voters. Homo traffic from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. In Seattle, the medical emergency on 16th Avenue southwest at Southwest Barton streets, then cleared away and it is no longer causing any blocking issues. We do have a crash, though in Seattle on what North bound Elliot Avenue West, just north of Mercer Place, it's blocking the right lane. There are emergency crews on the scene, so you want to stay to the left to get by. And still watching at J. Bielema crash on south and five at the main gate. It's over on the right shoulder. There is just a bit of a slowdown approaching that area are next. Comeau.

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