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And so this is new places just kind of show a little bit more of what they're talking about with original content for Disney plus. And so seeing you know with Milan Disney. Disney plus plus. Premium plus extra-large cut Max or will have their own items going in the future on. But this isn't onto go beyond a little bit of Conversational Spiderman movie that alive people talking about as according to yesterday at the time this recording. Spiderman three I'm telling it's home for the holidays telling you gonNA come out apparently December. So you tell me are you just like I'm telling you this is what it's going to tell you. It's GonNa be called home for the holidays because during a new segment and I'm telling you it's it's this I just. I'm telling you Tom Tarshish. Is Home. For the holidays. But now it's GonNa be December Seventeenth Holidays time twenty twenty one. And we were expected to get a first look. Snap a snippet of what it will be this year and with you know rumors of Andrew Garfield until Maguire. The show during the film bandit calmer batch as well as. Jamie Fox it'll be quite the film to. was pretty particular with their wording because people like, oh, it's confirmed and they're like, no, it's not confirmed that they're in. Talks. Agnes Holiday Story Right send twenty, twenty one then it ex- it's the structure of three ghosts right? The ghost of. We've got three Spiderman. Oh my sister odd holiday special. It's about togetherness and family. The kiss you. That is I all needed Shane. Black direct my. You didn't tell me that he wanted to. Pass Garfield is let's say the future. Hollandse future right, Hamas the future maybe the. From. Andrew Garfield Perspective I'll take back A. Much. But I'll say everyone just to give you a heads up the Batman has continued filming. There's a Lotta pictures on the Internet. Go go look at it. You see Easter eggs of one zero minutes at some CON Costume Party. Who? Who knows I'm? I'm letting go of all sense of expectation for anything in terms of it. Because I like the direction covy to look you know will be whatever. So we'll see what happens there. Cool. Set photos that we're talking about. But I hear that Corey has some news I do because I wasn't here this week and. This last week. Yeah I'm. Taking care of some family stuff. As as Josh said, what are you say dealing with family dealing with family there you have to You don't, and this is Tom was very kind enough to shout out my news that I had written down. Wednesday what I was going to be doing that he he brought up which the McGregor stuff but something happened very magical on on Thursday the eighth. And I don't know maybe he has talked about this, but I wasn't here. So I need to talk about this. I woke up Thursday the eighth a we did we talked about that. We. Talked about working up. There's. A video floating around of Sean Astin. Giving an official release. For the Blu Ray Four K. you see. Lord of the Rings from Sam Weiss. Himself y'all. Details the ninety nine percent power of the fellowship..

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