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Does brother he for a alfonso gomez from the contender. I mean he for love more. Do i mean he got names you understand. He got mad names. That's the difference right. Like people used to hate on while because he didn't have names got to those names. Cannella have mommy's then he beat trout and got the mayweather fight so like he at the time again at the time for like for like wild up until while fury fight. His greatest win was luis ortiz. We talked them up in before. Your fight with floyd. Your greatest win is the do. The biko undefeated not remains the verne. Yes they're all luis ortiz. This forty something that people like to so don't like people keep saying oh inexperienced he's wasn't and now and those off my top. If you go to canales reservoir guarantee there's way more names that i'm leaving out. Because he fought forty something people he actually fought. Now that i'm remember he actually beat miguel vazquez. Go look at that. Like don't know what the fuck they talk about. Oh oh he was inexperienced. Shut the fuck. Are you experienced. That mayweather obviously had fought the better opposition up until that point he's he's he'd haze. Hey see all right. I'll higher level. All i'm doing this. She would know all. I'm doing down lack of experience argument. That's not true. He four puppy vasquez. Like no man up. It's known as a real tough dude. You know but. I come for puppet bass quiz okay. That's i'm oh we just gonna keep taking his resume and say oh. I fought that guy and he's a name but this not experienced no. He went into that fight with experience. Here you know whether he had enough or not. That's like going to be a forever debate. But try to say that he he was less then. No one wanted to fight anyway. Just like he's calling out my man right now. He's calling them out right now. Any calling them out right now he calling out a kayla right now. He's the one asking for. Keller he was asking for floyd foy wasn't accent for her. Don't chase you. He wasn't calling for cannella. Yeah well you know at that. Time flew may whether it was the golden ticket the reverse roles on that one right and so it was condello. History goes like this. He said i'm not fighting on your under cords no more. You know what i'm saying. I'm not doing and they started doing split site. You know what i'm saying. He wanted to show. He was his own draw. He wanted what the king had but he can beat the king. You gotta learn to live with their shit like what the show if embiid you didn't win no he ain't give me a rematch bird. Did you ernie how many punches you land like. How many points did relent man. I was a little disappointed that fight. I'm not gonna lie. I mean i kind of you know. Included that factor. Which i know floyd still argues it like you know you should. You know should have said something about that. Show the or whatever but There were see. That's that's the reason why i as a fan would have liked to have seen that fight have a rematch in it. You know because there were still some things lingering over that fight that kind of like i'm not gonna say took away totally from from floyd's win but like we still like aright. He fought pack but like was pack. One hundred percent. You know all these little things. Like i know when he fought my daughter the first time he was like. Nah i gotta get this guy again. You know but. I didn't see the same sentiment pack. Yeah maybe because there's a more dangerous fight and he didn't want to revisit that you know but we'll just go onto the next one and say rod dog says bat shit crazy. Mr old school says ness is captain and dance isn't about bro. I don't know exactly which captured. But i think they might be talking about you saying that you know floyd's legacy is not in jeopardy of being surpassed by mr many paquito paquito but lake. Noisy data says this will always be greater than mayweather just like ali was greater than everyone. You also do outside. The ring is what counts to like ali. You know what you make a great point jeep. I know that does a lot of things that are not televised man. You know He does a lot of good things you know. Pack ios you know obviously a senator. He's running for president. He's a and i'm pretty sure. he has. Foundations and charitable. You know events and things that he does. But floyd does the same thing. And i i think floyd and later in his career where i learn more about who he is you know and and and and actually the actual blueprint as almost like a role. He had to play right. The bad guy wrote but now the guy's an awesome dude I don't know if he's done more than pack. Yeah i don't know how. You measure that out. But the example that you given that i leave greater than everyone. Yeah i mean at least to. This day is considered the greatest because of the things that he also did outside the ring. So he he he just didn't i don't know when we're gonna see a guy like ali you know because at the time that he lived in the political You know The political heir of things during that time it was just different. You know so. He stood for for for. Yeah he stood for what he believed that he was involved in so many. There's just so many things that were going on the catapulted ali into that greatness but the decisions he made in his career outside of the ring definitely definitely gave to that. You know that legend staff paco his greatness. Because it's like. Oh he's a commissioner senator fucking president. He's doing a lot. He's over forty and i get you know but the end of the day lost to me man. Let me get job coach. Your coach get any shape. I know you've seen the bag the coach just you know i got a man. I got l. jay walker. We need we need. We need him to take this five right now. L. j. is twelve amateur with two losses. He's way to experience for anybody else in boorda was i need you for that fight. Coach i think costa coach flop your ego but chan me and this is talking like what the hell is in that bag because you're moving that back like way too much like nothing you put that bag shit flies and that looks like a big ads bag so and then the south pole bro. The fucking hook comes over to jazz too easy on. He's got power. I told you that. Yeah he's got power. And i started looking at it more and i'm like dan. This is right kind. Fuck is your shape dude. So i mean. I don't know if you really look lena. Yesterday in his arms. I bet you use looking at yesterday. He had sweat arms a shining shane. When you got the little little little glistening any cuts come in a little better. I was like am i was. I was sizing you up. Chen our and you. Oh wait a minute. This guy like he could be a problem with the borders will ring so kudos you keep working and whenever you ready made wars is ready man. Money had this is money whether he's talking about money have forty four fight forty to fight. It was early. Who's who's got you've ever you gotta you gotta slowdown. I screen share. You never give me a per se. I will let me into these cash. Did you don't see hawk. Marilyn since two dollar saying there is no film of floyd getting off the mat. Shut out the hawk in maryland in via cash up at Gto dallas on gto. So we don't get that thirty percent cut and then we got another one from hall saying cannella beat cintron. That's another good name. You know what i'm saying. He they gave them experience both no. He didn't have like elite level expand but he got the developmental phase. That jimmy hawk with another one says floyd mayweather so much better than pack. Yo i know. I know hobbs new mexico. Austin the wooded. Do.

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